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"Content Updated" window is stuck

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For the past several weeks, after I do the weekly price updates, the "Content Updated" window has kept the changes in "Items" and "Value" information from many weeks ago, instead of showing the actual change since last update. 

For example, I added 3 books some time ago, but have added no more recently.  Yet, the update summary window continues to show a green "+3" in the "Books" row under "Items" and a "+$55.00" under "Value".  

Similarly, my Comic Books row does not reflect changes week over week.  Last week, I had a green "+50" this week I have a "+51", although I only added 1 book.  The same thing is happening with the "Value".

Any Ideas on how to fix this?  Thanks!


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a few things...

-Make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest version for CB2024 (build 1085) from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx

-Go into the File Menu>File Tools>Rebuild Lists (run all the options expect the Advanced 'Pictures files list' option. Note these processes will take some time to complete).

-Going forward, see how your stats change whenever you download the weekly content updates.

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