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Michael R. Wagner

Gold Key vs. K.K. Publications, Inc.

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I have a variety of Gold Key issues to add to my database and am seeing that some of the titles have Gold Key as the publisher, and others have K.K. Publications, Inc. as the publisher, as well as others that have only K.K. as the publisher.  I'd like to correct my database to the accurate publishing source, but I'm inclined to go with Gold Key instead of K.K. Publications, Inc..  Which one does CB consider to be the accurate reference?  I know the indicia isn't always followed, which is why I'm asking.

As for only K.K., that seems to be an easy decision; if it's not going to be Gold Key, it should at least be the full name of the publisher, i.e., K.K. Publications, Inc.



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A decision was made to drop things like Publication and Comics (to name a few), from the publisher name, so K.K. Publications is in CB as K.K. and Pacific Comics is just Pacific.

I am not saying I agree or disagree with this decision but it has been this way for a very long time and I doubt it will be changing.

PS I see several covers with Gold Key on the cover but with publisher of K.K. so you would probably enter it with K.K. as the publisher.


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