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Insert Fields in Advanced Find

Fred Slota

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When I tab through the issue fields, the cursor opens where it was when I was in that field the last time, which is not always at the end of already entered text.  The only time it starts at the end of already entered text is when I use the mouse to open that data field - unless I manually place the cursor within the string of already entered data.

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Mike, I think you are describing a completely different phenomenon.

I'm describing building a SQL statement in the "Items Where..." or "Order By" fields in the "Items | Find | Advanced Find" dialog and using the "Fields" drop-down to add another field to the clause.

I think you are describing something completely different.  If you thought you were saying that what I was describing was not happening for you, then I think you have missed my point.  If you instead were trying to describe a different odd behavior that you wanted to suggest a change to, I suggest so that you open a separate forum topic.

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