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Installing CB on 2 different hard drives

Robert E. Timm

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This may be a stupid question, but am I able to install ComicBase on 2 different hard drives, and have access to my collection information?

I'm frequently out of town, and would like to be able to view my collection from my laptop, so I may avoid buying doubles...  (lol).

I wouldn't bother downloading all the cover discs, but having access to what I own would be helpful.


On the flipside...  if I could figure out how to see my collection in the app, it would be even better for me.

 Unless I am doing something wrong with the app...    😞


Thank you,


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I believe HC doesn't have a problem with installing CB on two computer (home and laptop) but they will have to let you know that (I think the question has come up before).

As for the app, I don't think it allows you to access you home computer database directly.  You have to save a copy (or a report?) to the cloud and then the app reads that, I think.

Never having done this, I will let other explain in more detail and how to do this.

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Installing on 2 different computers is okay.

If you plan to use 1 database file to inventory your collection on more than 1 computer, you wanna be sure to load that db on the computer your working on. Storing the db on a flash drive and plugging it into the computer you wish to work on would be a way to do this.

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Thank you for the replies....


So, do I have to save it to a flash drive?

Saving it to the cloud, won't let me access it from another computer?


And, if I have to use a flash drive...  how does one save it, exactly?

(I'm already away from the main computer, so I have to give directions to someone else to get it done...   lol).

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