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V. 20.0.03 changes

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I updated my software to the new release this morning.  Aside from a small cosmetic change in the color of the background, it seems to be operating properly.  However, when I entered ctrl <T> to bring up the title list, the dialog box appeared left of center on the screen, far enough left of center that I dragged it back to where my eyes are used to going.  Every time I open the title list, it opens far left of center; I can't find a way to get it to open where I want it (centered on the screen).  Is this a locked accompanying feature of the new version, or is there some way I can reset a preference so that the dialog box will open where I want it?



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Update on this one:
I checked into it and managed to replicate the initial bug report, and slipstreamed a fix for the Titles window not remembering its position into the current build. (The build number didn't increment so you may need to uninstall/re-install to get it if you already have build 3742 from before today). 

As for resetting prefs: that resets all user settings--there is, now that I've looked at my own notes here--a slicker way to reset window positions: just hold down SHIFT when launching the program and it _only_ resets window positions.



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