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Extended Price Issue (11 months old now and still waiting)

Joel Ekis

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I raised this issue last year.  Pete successfully diagnosed the problem last December.  I have diligently upgraded CB, but this has still not been fixed.  I am surprised since it sounded easy to fix it.  Can you tell me when the following will be fixed?


After completing a content update, I print a Collection Report (Report --> Collection Report) to a .pdf.  However, starting with the v20.0 version of CB, the printed report "Price" amounts were not reflecting the new selling values.  Pete reviewed the issue with me and determined that "When running a Collection Report, the 'Price' column was not being recalculated."  Evidently, the "Price" column is really the "Extended Price" which is "Quantity" * "Price".  So, if you run a Collection Statistics report after an update, you see that the "Price" values were updated as expected.  However, when you run the Collection Report, CB fails to update the "Quantity" * "Price" values prior to printing the report.

The only way to force that recalculation of the "Extended Price" to occur: after updating CB, you have to run File --> File Tools --> Rebuild Lists (checking the 'Item Information' box).  This is a pain in the rear when you have to do this EVERY week.  I have asked repeatedly via email and phone calls over the last eleven months when this will be fixed.  I have asked Mark.  I have asked Pete.

So, one more time: when will this be fixed?

Thank you, Joel

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I'm on build and tried the suggestion mentioned by Joel in the post above.  But when I ran "Collection Statistics", the Selling Price field on at least one comic hasn't changed and yet the Value keeps increasing.  As far as I can see, no boxes are checked to lock the price.  So why is the Selling Price not changing along with the Value?

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