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Fred Slota

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Apologies if this is already in CB2021, upgrading tomorrow...


When I conduct an Advanced Find, I can set the maximum returns.  But, how do I know if I've hit the max or not?  How do I know how many results I've found.  If there is a pop-up with that information as it loads, it goes by so fast.  Can a results count be shown somewhere more persistent?

Also, could the "Items Where..." field be displayed to remind what has been searched?

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The total number of rows returned isn't usually displayed (even in CB 2021).

There is a way, sort of to do this.

In Setup->Preferences, there is an option for the Rows to Display in a Grid View. What it doesn't tell you is this is the max number to display at one time and you will get a next/previous arrow to advance to the next number rows.  It sounds more complicated to type than actually do.  For example:

Set the rows to display in the Grid View to 500 (the smallest amount allowed)

When you run an Advanced Find, there is also a box for limiting the Max Results. This will limit the find to ONLY that many rows. i.e. if you enter 100 and ran a Find that should return 1,000 rows, only the first 100 would be available.

Now assuming you have the Advanced Find Max results set to 9999 (and the Preferences Grid View set to 500), when you run a Find that returns more than 500 rows, you will get the first 500 rows and at the bottom will be something like   <    1-500 of 1,272   >.

This shows that a Total of 1,272 rows were returned (the number you asked about).

Click the right > and the next 500 will be displayed, Click a second time and you will get the last 272 (of this example),

It is a pain doing it this way as you can't select everything at one time if you want to do something (Quick Report, copy/paste) but you could run the Find twice. Once to find the Total rows and once with the Preference option Grid View rows set to a much higher number to get all at one time.

Find Count.JPG

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Hi ComicBase Support Team!

Not sure where to post this, but this discussion has a nice image of how left/right arrows show up at the bottom when the search results exceed the number of set rows in the grid.

I currently have my installation using a dark theme, and noticed tonight that the numeric shows up, but those arrows do not show up.

I think they are blending in with the black theme, they are still accessible if you run your mouse along the line and click a few times 

Thanks ,




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