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Thoughts on app-based issue entry...

Fred Slota

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Trying out the app for new issue entry.  I have a stack.


1) Scan a barcode, wait for the buzz, issue information comes up.

2) Scroll up

3) Tap Add

4) Pop-up giving positive feedback.   (I assume there is a version where it tells you if it fails?)

5) Tap Scan More

6) Black screen.  Tap to turn on camera.


Can we speed this up?  Either add some configuration options, or add a more streamlined batch-add mode?


a) For step 2, put a duplicate "Add" button at the top?  Focus on the bottom of the page?  Or, least liked, shrink the cover image to fit all on one screen?

b) For steps 4-5, if addition succeeds, give feedback with a brief toast of a green check, that shows up and disappears on its own, without needing to be dismissed?

c) For step 6, go straight to an operating camera, ready to scan the next book?



For batch-add functionality, how about adding the ability to either auto-set a selected custom check, auto-fill a selected custom date, or auto-append either a timestamp or a user-entered string into either the Notes or a selected custom text field?

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Just started using the Mobile App Scanner. After about 100 issues I have to say it's a bit infuriating. The lag between + scan feedback (buzz) and the info coming up is horribly inconsistent, that's if it comes up at all. I've had to scan nearly every barcode numerous times before any info would come up. Then there is the lag for the ADD button to show up, about 5-10 seconds after the issue info. And I'm fairly certain it is not my iPhone 12 or my internet connection since everything else is almost instant.

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The problem is that you're using the mobile app for something it's not really meant to do: phones are lousy at barcode entry, compared to actual barcode scanners. That they can do it at all is a small miracle, considering what's involved with stabilizing the camera image, decoding the image pixels, etc. The new mobile app is downright miraculous in what it does, but it's easily 4x slower than using an actual barcode scanner (as are all phone-based barcode scanners).

The mobile app is meant for light duty lookup and adding of issues on the go--it's not suited (and was never designed for) mass comic entry.




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I'm new to the DB and app, I'm thinking this is a major letdown.  I have 3 mobile apps, that do barcode add easy.  The issue is they do not have pricing and the ability to maintain 10s of thousands of items.  Saw this, paid the $150 to get the mobile app, because it isn't part of the demo.  To see this and experience the frustration firsthand, makes me wish I didn't purchase this.

I am paying for the price updates, to keep track and monitor my collection.  Planning to upload and sell thousands of books.  If the answer is we didn't design this tool to work in this manner, then I have the wrong tool.

Is this something that is in the works, shortly, since many free apps have it, or should I consider the $150 sunk cost and find another app?



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The main ComicBase desktop software is where all the main inventory work is done and has a lot more features compared to the Mobile App. Having a plug-in barcode scanner for your computer makes inventorying fast when used with the software. The mass comic entry feature Pete mentioned is exclusive to our desktop software if you own our Professional or Archive editions (Items Menu>Add by Barcode)

Our Mobile App is a bonus tool that allows you to see your collection's current stats. As Pete mentioned, the mobile app's scanning isn't as efficient as a traditional barcode scanner as it only allows for single item scanning; you would later need to sync what mobile scanning you did into the software the next time you launch it (internet menu>check for new sales and purchases).

If you have any concerns about your recent order feel free to reach out to our support team directly at support@comicbase.com

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