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Comicbase 2020 window size

Geoffrey B. Scobel

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Just upgraded to Comicbase 2020 and I’m generally very happy with  the enhancements to the program.  One question I have though is I used to be able to resize the comicbase window and it would remember that size the next time I ran the program.  It no longer appears to do this, automatically makes the window full size every time.  I can’t find a preference for saving this setting. There also seems to be a limit to how narrow I can shrink the left and right borders of the window, is that normal? I can only narrow the screen to a certain extent and then it just stops.

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It still remembers its size--but it is particular about making sure you're not violating any window boundaries. It'll reset to full size on next open if any edge of it is beyond the screen limits.


There are also limits to how wide/tall it can be--basically it needs to be as large as required to display all the elements of the screen (which is somewhat larger than in previous versions).



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Yes, I have this same problem on my #3 (middle) monitor which is running in portrait mode at 1440x2560.   


The portrait monitor is my default/primary/main window, aka "Make this my main display" option in windows.    However I have yet to find any window size while CB2020 runs on portrait screen that will survive a restart, it always comes back full screen.    I still think this is a bug in the new CB.


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