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Mark, can you please take a look at the Spawn #10 Expanded and Remastered Kickstarter? 

How should we handle these issues in the database?  I assume that these should be listed as second prints of the original Spawn #10 even though the contents are not truly identical?  

By my count, I am seeing 13 different variants of this comic:  regular color covers A through D; gold variants for each of those (these have similar b&w artwork as for A through D); signed and numbered platinum variants for each of the regular covers (these have similar b&w artwork as for A through D but entirely different cover logos); and a deluxe signed and numbered with entirely different artwork than any of the A through D covers.  

So, I guess they should be listed as Spawn #10 2nd print Variant A through Variant D for the regular covers, Variant E through H for the golds, Variant I through L for the platinums, and Variant M for the Deluxe?

The site also mentions a "Halloween Variant (Make-Up Edition)" and a Sketch Variant.  I'm unclear as to whether or not those were actually printed.  

There is also "Supplemental Book" which is comic-sized and contains preliminary artwork and that sort of thing, all related to the new version of Spawn #10.  How should that be listed in the database?   Should it be Spawn #10 2nd printing Ashcan?  

These Kickstarter items have been shipped out and are starting to show up in backers' mailboxes, so I expect that there will be a need to catalog these into the database soon, it would be a good idea to have a plan in place now rather than later.  

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Here are the indicia for the two comics.  The Spawn #10 is as the Kickstarter advertises: the first half of the book reprints Spawn #10 in b&w and the second half has story notes and b&w reproductions of the covers.  

The "supplemental book" is also as described:  lots of sketches and studies for Spawn #10, the kinds of things that often end up in promotional materials that often get listed in the database as an "ashcan."  



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let me draft out what we're thinking for these...

Example for Cover A:

-The notes for these should be look something like "Remastered Edition Cover A; includes supplement book"; item number should be set to #10-A

-if there's a gold cover for this Cover A; then set the item number to #10-A-2; notes should state "Remastered Edition Gold Cover A; includes supplement book"

-the rest of the variants would follow this pattern


*for the supplement book not sure what to set this as just yet; we don't think 'ashcan' is a good fit. How would you describe the contents for this? Mostly text and design commentary?



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