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How do you search for books released in a given time frame?

Darrell B. Ridgely

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In the older version, there was a find option for this week's and last week's new releases, as well as between 2 given dates.  The last was handy if you had not entered new books from 2 or 3 or more weeks ago. I can't seem to figure out how to do this now.  Does anyone know?  I get my new comics mail order and often they arrive (or I do not get around to entering them) for 2 or more weeks after release.

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First, I'm running, and when I do "Items | Find", I have options for "Released this Week" and "Released last Week".

Second, you can choose to search for the Issue Field "Cover Date" or "Street Date", and then pick a date (or dates) from the provided calendar tool.

Third, you can use Advanced Find, including "Cover Date" or "Street Date" in the "Items Where..." field.  The trick with this is, for SQL searches, you need to provide date values, dash separated , enclosed in single quotes, as in 'yyyy-mm-dd', like:


I.[CoverDate] > '2019-03-01'


To find all issues with provided CoverDates greater than March 1, 2019.



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4 hours ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

However, if you have the Professional (or higher) Edition (and a barcode scanner), you can use Menu Items->Add By Barcode to enter all your new comics without having to use Find to get them in a list.

FWIW, "Add By Barcode" can be used without a scanner by keying in the numbers in the UPC symbol on the cover.  It's much slower, but gets the job done.

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