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Unknown Items

Douglas W. McCratic

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I am noticing something very strange in my "Unknown Items" list.  I have issues that have a number with a slash followed by a month.  I figured this was some sort of holdover from a previous update where something didn't get carried into the new database.  In going over these, I am finding that I don't have most of the issues that are marked but they are issues that I would certainly like to have as they would complete runs and such.  Here's what I found:

  1. Batman: The Killing Joke 3/Jan

  2. Deathstroke the Terminator 2/Jan

  3. Doomsday + 1 (Charlton) 2/May

  4. Dork 2/Feb

  5. Dork 3/Jan

  6. Hate 2/May

  7. Hate 3/Apr

  8. Hate 4/Jan

  9. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac 3/Apr

  10. Liberty Meadows 2/Feb

  11. Liberty Meadows 2/Mar

  12. Liberty Meadows 2/May

  13. Liberty Meadows 4/Jan

Of these, I actually have copies of the Killing Joke and Deathstroke.  I want the others to fill in gaps but have never owned them as best I can remember.  I don't know if it is relevant but the months are January thru May only.  The numbers don't correspond to the month but none go above #4, numerically it would be April.  

I'm fine simply deleting the quantity in the books above but wanted to know if anyone else had seen anything similar or if there is any explanation.  I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm trying to learn how things like this might occur. 


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To show up on the Unknow Items report, I think they must be in your database, somewhere.

If you can do an Advanced Find try:

I.[Title] = 'Dork' and I.[IssueNum] = 2

and see if anything shows up like 2/Feb

If you don't, Try File->File Tools and run Rebuild Lists. It won't hurt to run all of them (but you can skip 'Pictures File LIst').

Finally run Optimize Database.

If that doesn't clear it up, you may need to create a new Database and Export / Import your data to it.

Or contact Support and see if you can send them a copy of your database so they can look at it.

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I can find them.  They are certainly there, but I never have, nor would I ever use the number 2/May.  I have used a variety of designations for variants but not the months.  I'm operating from memory at this point, but few, if any, of the issues correspond to the month that follows the number.  The whole thing is just odd and I wondered if maybe the way data is moved/changed at times might correlate.  I have several books on my wanted list and these certainly may have been on that list once but are not currently.  I regularly rebuild lists and optimize my database just in the interest of keeping things running smoothly.  

Logically, CB has left the issues behind when it has done updates because I had a quantity in stock.  

You mentioned that you don't have these particular issues, but have you ever seen anything similar?  Maybe with a book or two that might complete a run?  

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Nothing like this. I don't have any Variations that are Months (not even sure how to create one).
In the past (pre CB 2020) I have noticed some weirdness. One I remember was Issues being duplicated (anywhere from 2 to 10 (or more) times). No way to recreate this so there wasn't really any way to fix it (as an aside, back when the Advanced Find was really useful (Group By worked), it was easy to find these duplicates but that feature is no longer available...)

I have had to create a new database and export/import the data to get it out of a database that was acting strangely (normally after migrating through 3 or 4 upgrades).

Since CB 2020, I can't recall anything weird happening.

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