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  2. I tested the scanner and it's not picking up the leading and ending characters. If I type in the code manually it works so I guess I need to reprogram my barcode scanner. It must only be configured to read numbers. I'm using an Esky barcode scanner. There's a PDF of the setup sheet, but I'm not entirely sure which code to use to reprogram it. I originally found this scanner after reading a post in the old forum by a user who recommended it, and he even provided the setup instructions, but I can't seem to find it in the archive.
  3. Thank you for the reply and confirmation, now I know it is not just in my setup. I am currently doing very similar to what you have mentioned, with the addition of immediately selecting all and marking so I do not lose the set to a shift in focus. If needed I can easily recall the set, and continue making the pricing changes. But this is definitely in the workaround category and I am hoping a fix can be implemented in a future build. ComicBase Tech Support please keep me posted. Thanks! Jim
  4. if you have a document program like MS Word or even Notepad, scan the barcode off the label and see how the digits show up. We're curious if the scanner is picking up all the characters in the code or not. Also, are you using the scanner we sell on our website?
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  6. This does sound like a bug to me and I have verified the same problem on my system. As a temporary work-around, check the box by "Display items after saving" on the Add by Barcode window. After you save from that window, a 'find' result will be displayed with all the items you just entered. At this point, you can change the Price (Selling Price) values and they will be saved. (this is a little extra work as you have to go back to the each issue after scanning to make the changes instead of just scanning, change value for the issue in hand.)
  7. okay, thank you! I know it used to have cover images in the report unless that changed. Thanks again.
  8. I am starting to add my entire inventory to the database, and using Add by Barcode more often than not. I prefer to change the grade and price as I go, which led me to discover the following glitch. The "Add by Barcode" feature does not allow you to save a modified price in the selling price field if you do not change the condition. As I add issues I often set a different selling price - if I leave the default condition "Near Mint" the selling price that I modified in that window reverts back to a calculated price when saving the added issues to the software. When I change the condition in the "Add by Barcode" window, the modified selling price flows through correctly after adding. Please let me know if there is another way to save the updated selling price with a Near Mint condition. ComicBase V20.0.2.3210 Thanks! Jim
  9. Okay that is completely understandable. I will likely just change all from Near Mint - to VF. I will start a new thread for the core issue that led me to this situation. Thanks! Jim
  10. AA doesn't support your custom grade (NM-); that's why it isn't showing up on AA when you try to sell. I suggest using conditions/grades CB is already built with.
  11. I'll need to confirm with our programming team but i believe cover size option shouldn't even be an option for item checklists.
  12. This issue: https://atomicavenue.com/issue/913074/Captain-Marvel-11th-Series-2B according to the description, and bar code, is the same as this issue: https://atomicavenue.com/issue/913076/Captain-Marvel-11th-Series-2D Issue 2-D needs to be deleted
  13. In my Archive Edition I only have: Mint MT Near Mint NM Very Fine to Near Mint VF-NM Fine FN Very Good VG Good G Fair FA Poor P <ungraded> and all the various 'slabbed' conditions (i.e. CGC, PGX, and Restored PGX. I will let the folks at HC address how a NM- (Near Mint Minus) is handled when posting to AA as I don't sell and have know knowledge.
  14. Sorry if I caused any confusion, my first post should have read “Near Mint -“ (near mint minus) not “NM- “ which I realize could cause confusion and corrected with my follow up. If “Near Mint - “ is not a standard condition in the database then my apologies, I thought it was. Can anybody confirm that “Near Mint -“ is in the standard install of ComicBase? Maybe I created it in the first few days I was using the software, although I don’t remember doing so.
  15. Last week
  16. Hello - When I run the Item Checklist report it does not include cover images even though I select the cover size. Am I doing something wrong or is there possibly a bug with the report? Thanks.
  17. Just to be clear, the Condition you are setting in CB is a custom value of "NM-" (Near Mint Minus)?
  18. UPDATE: I wasn't aware that I didn't have the most up-to-sate version, so I installed and it now displays as V20.0.2.3210 Immediately after the update I posted a few new issues for sale, the update went very quickly, but the Near Mint - issue still does not show. I then tried posting a few more after de-selecting "List VF and NM items as VF-NM" and the Near Mint - graded items still did not show. One of the primary reasons I am using the "Near Mint -" condition is the glitch with the "Add by Barcode" feature. As I add issues I often set a different selling price - if I leave the condition "Near Mint" the selling price that I modified in that window reverts back to a calculated price in the software. When I change the condition the selling price I modified flows through after adding. And I tried that after updating the software, no change. The updated selling price only carries with a non Near Mint condition.
  19. thanks for the extra info, i'll notify Pete to get his thoughts.
  20. I was selecting the correct one. I've now deleted all databases except one and it's working fine. This'll do for the job I'm doing right now, I'll come back to this when I need to have multiple databases. Thanks
  21. As requested, here is an update of where I am now. After working with Mark behind the scenes to update to the newest build (v20.0.2.3210) I still can't get the ID label with barcode to scan properly. After seeing Pete's article on The Science of Comic Filing, I decided to try printing ID labels with barcodes right after entering a new batch of comics with my barcode scanner. I tested them immediately and they all scanned properly and took me exactly where they were supposed to. Unfortunately the barcodes have never worked properly since that time. Every time I scan one of those barcodes it just seems to take me to the top of the tile I am currently browsing, or to the next comic book title in ComicBase's sequence. For example, I was browsing "The Amazing Spider-Man (4th Series)" when I tried scanning a barcode for "Shazam! (4th Series) #11" and it just took me to "The Amazing Spider-Man (5th Series)". When I tried scanning the barcode again it just took me back to the top of "The Amazing Spider-Man (5th Series)". I have also tried printing labels for comics with no barcodes, as well as older issue that do have barcodes but were I entered into the database long ago, and the results of scanning those barcodes are the same. I tried different view setting as Pete suggested but that didn't help. I'm also only running one database. Attached are some screenshots of my setup as well as a scan of a label I printed today, which does not work Thanks!
  22. you might also want to uncheck the 'list VF and NM items as VF-NM' so listings set to NM or VF so up as such.
  23. try downloading/installing our updated CB2020 installer (v20.0.2.3198) from your online account; retry your selling options and see if they work or not. https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  24. Hello Mark, Attached image from the window that comes up when selecting "Post Items For Sale to Atomic Avenue" under the Internet menu. Would you like me to re-submit? Scanning more comics in so I can set a few control items as "Near Mint -" to test. Jim
  25. what are your selling options set to under the internet menu? Screenshot them if you could.
  26. Oops I should mention the exact Condition field entry for the items not showing is "Near Mint -" not sure why I shortened it to NM-. Also using V20.0.2.3162
  27. Due to an issue with duplicate issues I recently removed all my issues for sale and re-posted them. It took awhile for the items to show up on the Atomic Avenue website, but when they did I noticed some issues missing. The issues in question are graded "NM-" condition. I am using the VF-NM grouping option. Please let me know if this is unique to my situation or a global issue. Thanks! Jim
  28. next question would be what database was loaded in the CB app when you added entries to it?
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