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  2. Uninstalling any version of CB will not affect your database, Pictures, or media. What I would try is: Uninstall CB and CB Resources. Uninstall any SAP Crystal Reports. Install CB 2023. If this does not work, I would contact support.
  3. I have CB2021, and I just purchased CB2023. The installer (downloaded from this page, accessed from 'My Registered Products' page) my gives me this error - what can I do? Uninstall the 2021 version? (I have not tried, was worried to lose data). Please help!
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  5. Please advise. Optimizing the database does not help.
  6. the purpose of that report is to show market activity (particularly the percentage report changes) but we'll look into it as a feature suggestion
  7. Thanks mark I'll try this once home from work
  8. if you have any issue instock under the obsolete Cradle of Filth tile, the title will remain in your database. You'll need to zero out any instock issues then highlight all the issues (Ctrl+A) and Delete them, this will in turn delete the title from your database.
  9. The CB 2023 Express installer has just been revised (now v.; try downloading/installing that from your online account: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx If you still have the same trouble, please give Pete a call 408-266-6883 ext 403
  10. Adrian, this is a common and serious flaw in CB pricing algorithm. They base part of the price on the offered sales prices in AA. There are 6 seriously overpriced comics for sale for Superior Iron Man #8 right now. Those all get folded into the new 'value' in the weekly update. If there are no other sales, then the ONLY factor in the price will be those for sale. If any seller automatically adjusts their selling price based on the new update, then their issue for sale goes up (or down) every week! This is a serious problem that I have pointed out for years with using 'for sale' prices in AA. If the issue is widely traded, it's not that big of a deal. But if there aren't a lot of sales, then it radically skews the prices up or down depending on the sellers pricing. I wish CB would just drop the whole for sales pricing part of the model. But, it's always been this way and it's a problem.
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  12. So here what I don't understand about this report. Report>Top Gainer and Losers, You want it to show "owned Items" so you can see what your top Gainer's and Losers are in your collection, great! So I have Avengers 1 CBCS 1.0 it list this book as a Previous Amount of $37,700.00 and Current Amount of $39,100.00 %increase 4%. But should it not show what the value of the book is you own? Rather than the general NM value of Comicbase.
  13. Thanks, Steven. Interesting that they'd be 2nd and 3rd printings listed as variant covers in the book itself, but Marvel's good at following the standard UPC format, so I guess it is what it is.
  14. Here are the UPC numbers for two of the ones you listed. 75960620200301422 Kyle Hotz (Red-head female behind dark web spider-man(?))? 75960620200301423 Ed McGuinness Hallows's Eve Design Cover If the standard UPC format is observed, they would be 2nd and 3rd printing of the 2nd variation.
  15. The issue of Amazing Spider-Man that came out this past Wednesday (Nov. 23, 2022) has a number of variant cover artists listed in the issue that aren't in the variations in the latest content update. The following combos are missing: Kyle Hotz (colored by Dan Brown) Design cover by Ed McGuinness Ed McGuinness (colored by Marcio Menyz) Since I don't have those issues, I can't determine which should be added or corrected to the database, and I'm listing them here for adjudication and correction. I did note that there's a listing for a variant cover by John Romita Jr. that is not listed in the issue as well as a number of other covers that look to be some kind of exclusives. Thank you, Adam
  16. A little more information... Is you switch to Album View, when you click on an Overall Title Name, it will display the cover (assuming what is normally displayed at the top left corner of the display). In Grid View, while you won't get a Cover in the Grid, as you scroll down the list, the cover will display in the top of the display.
  17. When you do a search for any Title filed field (which includes Overall Title Name, you get a Title Result Grid. This is not tied to any particular issue so there is no cover to be displayed.
  18. I've been adding a lot of Fantasy book series into CB and have noticed that when I click on the "Overall Title Name" it doesn't display the cover image when it pulls up all the related novels. I thought it might be an issue with setting which columns to view but when I went into "Setup-->Columns To View..." I couldn't find a field that fit the bill. Just to make sure I wasn't overlooking something I ran search on an artist and when the results were displayed it showed all the cover images. I checked "Setup-->Columns To View..." when I was viewing the results but I didn't see any field that would correspond to viewing the cover image. Am I missing something? How can I see covers when I click on the "Overall Title Name" for books?
  19. I believe the major difference is Covers. Archive Edition: Includes a year of free, weekly updates to keep you current with new titles and issues, pricing, and new cover images Pro Edition: Includes a year of free, weekly updates to keep you current with new titles and issues and pricing.
  20. I have always had the archive addition. However i have no interest in selling any of my collection. So wondering what features will i loose if i decide to give Pro a try.
  21. I don't think so but you would have to talk to HC about that.
  22. Good to know. Not that I'm planning on it, but FYI. If I started a new/different subscription, would the old one be pro-rated as a refund?
  23. The way it works,is: If you renew your current Edition, then, Yes, the year a tacked on to the end of your current expiration date. (i.e. Archive to Archive). However, if you upgrade (or down-grade) to a different Edition, then , No, the year starts from your purchase date. (i.e. Pro too Archive).
  24. If we purchase a renewal at the discount does it just add a year onto our subscription?
  25. That's it. Thanks! I shoulda known it was the ",The" sorting issue.
  26. Is this what you are looking for? https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/575320/1/The-Rocketeer-An-Album-1 It is from around mid 1980s and has an introduction by Harlan Ellison.
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