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  1. in the ComicBase Preference menu (under the Setup menu), is your Standard cost set to something other than Zero?
  2. Are you still having trouble at this point? How long has it been since you tried to use the Save to Cloud? If you have any Internet Security software running, it may be blocking Sidekick. You may have to set up program exception for it.
  3. got some clarification from our programming team... go with title, issue number, custom field AND condition. See if that works.
  4. TPB/A would be my suggestion. Use the notes field to indicate its a facsimile and include the year it was published.
  5. don't select the quantity field when you do the export/import. Title, issue number, and custom field should be all you need.
  6. You'll probably have to reinstall CB2017, load in your original database and export out that data. Import that info into your current database afterwards. *You may want to make a safety copy of your database(s) before you start.
  7. you'll want to cancel the 2nd order from your Recent Activity page as soon as possible to get the buyer refunded: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/MyAccount.aspx Whenever you make a sale, it's important you launch ComicBase, go to the internet menu>Check sales and purchases - to deduct recent sales from your database. After you do this, wouldn't hurt to recheck the item(s) you sold is no longer instock in your database. Once that's done, repush your comics for sale to AA so your selling inventory is current.
  8. looks like we'll need to shift #2-4 over the the Scout Comics published title
  9. Being able to see those checkboxes that seem to be cutoff on your end will allow you to make visible CGC grading into your current grading list. *Not everyone uses CGC grading, that's why they aren't there by default.
  10. thanks for the info...we'll shift them over for the next content update.
  11. we get our pricing on sales data collected from AA and our friends at Heritage Auctions. If you feel the price for any comic needs to be looked into, use the 'Request Price Check' option under the software's internet menu and our editorial team will look into.
  12. The earlier screenshot you took of the 'grading sets' window on your computer seems to show things very crowded; causing the checkbox column on the right not showing up in the interface window... what is your monitor display resolution set to out of curiosity? Can you increase the current resolution and see if that helps?
  13. strange.... what if you play around with your Windows display screen resolution? I wonder if its set to low/small where things are getting cut off.
  14. If you're using the latest build (, does the grading sets menu look like this so you have check boxes you can select? *If you need the revised CB 2020 program installer, download/install it from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  15. What version number are you currently using for CB2020? To check, launch ComicBase 2020 and go to the help menu>about ComicBase
  16. magazine and book title links are not configured yet on AA.
  17. what build version are you using of the software (ComicBase: Help Menu>About ComicBase)?
  18. If you plan to upgrade to ComicBase 2020 then just install that version if you get a new computer. You will also need to copy your old database over to the new computer so you can continue on. Here's an article that can help you with the whole process: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Article.aspx?N=2
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