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  1. you're using build 3246? Not getting the trouble on my end. Does the error occur right after you click the 'Check for Updates' option? Or do you have specific update options selected that may cause this (feel free to screenshot your options)? *try going into the File Menu>File Tools and run the Optimize Database AND Rebuild Lists (Series info & Item Info options) and see if that helps; try to update afterwards.
  2. I see what you mean; If you hit 'yes' to Copy Current Settings when you create the NEW database i get that 20% on the copying conditions. I'll report it to our programming team.
  3. This kinda of thing has happen to other titles were publishers change. We are keeping thing as is (we really don't want to mess with ppls inventories by change things up) .
  4. if you have a document program like MS Word or even Notepad, scan the barcode off the label and see how the digits show up. We're curious if the scanner is picking up all the characters in the code or not. Also, are you using the scanner we sell on our website?
  5. AA doesn't support your custom grade (NM-); that's why it isn't showing up on AA when you try to sell. I suggest using conditions/grades CB is already built with.
  6. I'll need to confirm with our programming team but i believe cover size option shouldn't even be an option for item checklists.
  7. thanks for the extra info, i'll notify Pete to get his thoughts.
  8. you might also want to uncheck the 'list VF and NM items as VF-NM' so listings set to NM or VF so up as such.
  9. try downloading/installing our updated CB2020 installer (v20.0.2.3198) from your online account; retry your selling options and see if they work or not. https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  10. what are your selling options set to under the internet menu? Screenshot them if you could.
  11. next question would be what database was loaded in the CB app when you added entries to it?
  12. The problem most likely due to the fact both dbs listed share the same database ID number even though the db names are different. try this: -hit the 'Remove' button on all the dbs on your online Profile page -launch ComicBase 2020 on your computer, go to the File Menu>ComicBase Statistics. This will link the database you currently have loaded in CB2020 to your online Profile page.
  13. we use Bk for trades that collect a run of issues
  14. have you loaded in the right database when in the software on your computer? Be sure to use the File Menu>Open - load in the right database then do the 'check for new sales and purchases' option under the internet menu
  15. No online guidance for naming (that i can recall at the moment, could be mistaken) Just post or email examples you are coming across and we'll advise what they should be set to.
  16. What is your Windows OS region setting?
  17. i'll reach out to our programming team for suggestions
  18. Download/install the revised CB2020 installer ( from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx Start up CB2020 afterwards and see if things improve. Let us know how you make out.
  19. Do you have a backup database before you downloaded the latest content update where the issues are listed properly? If so, try to download the latest content update with build and see if the those issues remain the same.
  20. we just updated the CB2020 program installer under registrations here ( https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  21. i'll email you link to the newest build
  22. The problem looks to be your point issues (ex: 24.1) is being converted to #0s. Try out the suggestion Pete just dropped and let us know what happens.
  23. can you display these titles on screen then screenshot and post them? Would like to see what you're seeing. Also email them to us at support@comicbase.com as soon as you can. thanks.
  24. we noticed the corrections you sent in for Wolverine #1 variants today and accepted them. Those will be rolled into the Master Database this week.
  25. for this particular issue of Wolverine, what did you set the issue number to? Did you have a quantity instock (which locks it into being changed by a content update)? we currently don't have the florescent cover in our Master Database
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