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  1. If your update options have allow corrections for 'Series and Information Description' marked then yes. Uncheck that option if you wish to keep what you've personally set up in your database. If you'd like us to consider your title description to be added to our master database, please email it to support@comicbase.com and our editorial team will review it.
  2. computer restart didn't work for you? Try to update again, we made some modifications to our server yesterday that may have been the problem. If you can't get it resolved, give our support team a call 408-266-6883
  3. thanks for spotting this one. we'll let the programming team know about it.
  4. if you do a regular non-advanced find, do you get results?
  5. cropped (no negative space) flat 300 dpi *if you're sending in mature covers, we would appreciate 'offensive' material being covered up. Attached is a png graphic you can use if you feel inclined to edit them yourself.
  6. That's just how we deal with that particular type of notation
  7. If anyone starts to send in submissions for issues that fall into this category, send in a few examples first then email our ed. team (support@comicbase.com) so they can review them. If all looks good, then there shouldn't be any trouble accepting future submissions.
  8. try to be simplistic with your notations is preferred. Go easy on the user's eyes by not having them read too much. Steve's comments that Item Description field should note the *tych (diptych, triptych, or a generic polytych) type sounds good. Notes should explain what part of the *tych the issue is.
  9. distribution numbers are noted in the Item Description field and NOT noted in the Notes field. The 'Retailer Incentive' notation comes right after. example: Item Description: 1:5 Retailer Incentive Cover by Joe Smith we'd prefer not to use the word 'in' but rather the ':' mark instead when dealing with the numbers themselves
  10. not sure how this title initially got into our database (probably a user submission) but I think going with the spine number as the item number makes more sense. Is this title btw still ongoing?
  11. Dan, give our support team call if you can't get things resolved 408-266-6883
  12. I think i'm confused. That last dot looks like its showing you're last update date 2-19-22. Are you expecting to see something more? If you're expecting those missing dots from last Jan to July, they won't show up. That was a bug that got fixed recently and your update dots should start recording properly, but the fix won't show those missing dates from Jan to July.
  13. screenshot a search you're typing in so we can replicate.
  14. i'd try to load a recently dated backup and try to update that. By Default, backups are stored in Documents/Human Computing/ComicBase Databases folder if you need to track one down.
  15. No... we normally pull the trigger on pushing the weekly update around the time we did. Just a happy coincidence we finally broke past 1 million
  16. Tried to replicate again a couple more times with the latest CB2022 build and still wasn't able to make the problem happen. If its not happening every time, this will be tough to figure out. There might be a setting or step missing to make this problem 100% replicate-able.
  17. Hey Dan, our server crashed mid-afternoon yesterday which may have cause an interruption with your update. See if you have a recently dated backup before you tried to update that you can use going forward. By Default, backups are stored in Documents/Human Computing/ComicBase Databases folder.
  18. yes. For your example... Item Description: Shanda the Panda Variant Cover by Joe Smith Notes: Limited to 1,000
  19. Just to be clear, limited number notations (ex: Limited to 100) should be noted in the notes field and not the Item Description field.
  20. Agreed. I was just curious if everyone was on the same page about these 2 things being different; there seemed to be a bit of confusion going on. -With that said, if a comic is Limited to 100, that info should be mentioned in the notes field. -A ratio number like 1:100 (aka 1 in 100) would be noted in the Item Description field at the very beginning like 1:100 Variant Cover by Joe Smith.
  21. if a comic is limited to 100, is it the same as a 1:100 release? Some users may not know what COA stands for so whole 'Certificate of Authenticity' is preferred in the notes field. You'll probably see an new post down the line about our approach on the Item Description when it comes to variants where we list all the different types for easier reference; there are other types i think we are forgetting that we'll want to clarify. Feel to mention any that might have been missed. BTW, I believe Pete will be discussing this a bit with the upcoming livestream.
  22. There is a 'Log Files' folder that you can reference (Documents/Human Computing/ComicBase 2022 x Edition/Log Files)
  23. Spoke with our programming team and there was an update bug for international Windows regions with earlier builds of CB2022 that got fixed fairly recently. That bug is most likely the reason why you're not seeing what you expect with your graph. Going forward, you should be OK. Unfortunately, there's no way to get those missing points to show up at this point.
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