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  1. I noticed the mobile app wasn't working over the weekend and that ComicBase.com and Atomic Avenue were both down as well. Now I'm looking at the message board and it looks like the newest content is from the end of October. Was there a big systems failure over the weekend?
  2. I wondered about that too. I only have the spiral edition.
  3. Most of the time when I'm submitting corrections it's because I'm uploading a higher-res cover image. I understand that in the past bandwidth may have been an issue and people may not have wanted to waste it on uploading a cover, but considering the size of the weekly updates and backing up databases to the cloud on a regular basis, it seems kind of pointless to be presented with a prompt asking if I want to to upload a larger cover image. Would it be possible to have a setting to "always upload larger cover images" or something to that effect? It would certainly streamline the process of submitting corrections.
  4. I upgraded a few days ago. I haven’t seen the error on the screensaver since then. At least not yet.
  5. I'm getting something similar with the screensaver. It's happened a few times over the last couple of days when the screensaver is running. Is it possible it has something to do with the way variant covers are being handled now?
  6. I've had problems with the Regional Format Setting in the past. When it was set to English (Canada) I couldn't load a database, but as soon as we set it to English (United States) it worked. However, to the best of my knowledge this has been fixed.
  7. I have the files on a separate 128GB SSD that I use as my scratch disk for photoshop, and photoshop wasn’t open when I ran this test, so there shouldn’t have been any other activity on it.
  8. I mentioned this in the livestream yesterday, and Pete said it shouldn't be a problem, but when I add a bunch of .CBR files to a title and try to navigate to it from another title it slows down considerably. I can go back and forth between other large titles without a problem. I made a short screen recording to show what I mean. Any idea why this might be happening? The media files are sitting on a SSD and I'm running with 32GB of RAM so I don't think it's a problem with my PC. 1338753519_ComicBase2021ArchiveEdition(AndrewComicBaseDatabase.cbdb)2021-09-3011-34-33.mp4
  9. Thanks. I'd appreciate that. I wish I could participate in the Livestream, but the timing just doesn't work for me.
  10. I've had all the variants listed above in my collection for years and they are only now showing up as unrecognised items. From a collector's point of view, the kind of paper a comic is printed on makes a difference to me. I would would much rather have the glossy paper than newsprint as the glossy paper ages much better. I know that if I bought a comic off of Atomic Avenue with the expectation that it was printed on glossy paper and instead received one printed on newsprint, I would not be happy. And for what it's worth, I bought all the newsstand editions from mycomicshop.com, and they listed the newsstand and direct editions separately.
  11. Okay, I'll go ahead and submit them. I just found it a little strange that they were removed because they have been in the database for years and the notes sections all state that the newsstand editions are printed on newsprint.
  12. I just ran a content update and took a look at the unrecognised items and noticed the following Savage Dragon variants were purged from the database: Savage Dragon, The 6/A Savage Dragon, The 7/A Savage Dragon, The 8/A Savage Dragon, The 10/A Savage Dragon, The 12/A Savage Dragon, The 13/A Savage Dragon, The 18/A I checked Atomic Avenue and they aren't listed there either. 10/A and 13/A both have different covers from the regular editions, and 13/A contains an entirely different story and art, so they definitely should be listed as variants. As to the rest, these are newsstand variants which feature a barcode on the cover (which the direct editions do not have), and they are also printed on newsprint paper instead of the glossy paper the direct editions are printed on. I can vouch for this as I have all of the above variants in my collection. In my opinion these are significant differences and should be considered variants. I would really like to know the rationale behind removing them. Thanks!
  13. Once I've launched CB and it shows up on the taskbar I just right click on it and select "pin to taskbar". I'll try creating the shortcut by going straight to the executable and pinning it from there to see if it makes a difference during the next upgrade.
  14. I just thought I'd bump this to bring up another formatting issue I have discovered. When printing an ID label for a comic which has a cover stretching across both the front and back, it prints the cover in the same aspect ratio as a regular cover, resulting in cover image that looks squashed. Would it be possible to have the cover image maintain its aspect ration when printed? And of course, I'd still love to see the suggestions I made in my first post implemented as well! Thanks!
  15. Good morning gents. This is a very minor quibble, so if you don't have an answer it's not a big deal at all. I tend to upgrade as you make new versions of CB available and I've noticed that every time I upgrade my taskbar shortcut stops working afterwards. I then have to delete the old shortcut and recreate it. It's a really simple thing to do, but I'm just wondering if there is a way to avoid this during an upgrade. As I said, it is not a big deal at all, but I'm just curious if it's something that can be fixed with some minor tweaking. Thanks!
  16. Perfect, thanks. I'll make sure to submit a correction once I have a copy of the corrected version.
  17. It's just the interiors. A mix of both letterer's pages were used.
  18. So it turns out that Savage Dragon #260/B has printing errors and it was recalled by the printers. They will be printing corrected versions but the cover to both will be exactly the same so I'm just wondering how should this misprint be entered into ComicBase since there are definitely copies out in the wild? Should it just be #260/C?
  19. Thanks for following up. I checked the next day and the update seems to have taken.
  20. I've been scanning in some covers for issues that don't have high res covers, and while in most cases ComicBase will ask me if I want to upload the bigger cover, I wasn't prompted to do so with a few issues from Elementals Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. I know that my cover scans are much bigger than what I have been able to download directly from ComicBase, so I'm just wondering if there is a some kind threshold in place when it comes to uploading new covers. I'm scanning everything in at 300 dpi and all the files seem to end up being in the 11MB to 12MB range.
  21. I tried doing a content update today and got the following errors when I tried updating from within Comic Base and directly from sidekick. The issue doesn't currently exist in my database so I'm not sure if there's anything on my end I can do to get the update to work.
  22. Thanks. I just made the changes to all the entries I previously made and submitted the corrections. Sorry for the extra work your review staff will have to do!
  23. And forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference between a paperback and a mass market paperback?
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