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  1. Looks like I just had to restart the program.
  2. How do I rearrange the columns in the main window display of the issues list? Someone for some reason decided that "cover artist" should go between "artist" and "inker" and I want to move it elsewhere. Setup>Columns to View does not work. (It saves my setting but nothing changes.)
  3. Can you explain what that column is even there for? It doesn't seem to do anything. And what's that little "play" button at the top?
  4. I'm still getting it. Every time I click to make the message go away, it pops right back up again! Guess I'll just leave it there...
  5. It is a great suggestion. What you can do is select multiple issues, save each one and it will automatically bring you to the next.
  6. That's driving me nuts too. Why is there an extra column? An unnecessary complication.
  7. I have a female friend (whom I used to date) that liked it a lot. But she is a psychologist.
  8. On the profile page there is a drop-down with the list of databases. I got rid of the extra regular databases, but now I have ComcBase Database and ComicBase Database (Backup). I cannot select the backup to delete, and as a result the app goes to the backup first.
  9. Thanks! I never would have guessed that the stack of coins was the database info. Now, is there anyway to keep the mobile from going to the backup database (which I can't delete for some reason)?
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