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  1. I saw this when I was going over the content update list and looked it up. Apparently Red Calloway is the name of a character in the comic rather than a creator or IP owner, so the convention is to present it as "Red Calloway's Big Bang".
  2. This week's update added the title Archie's Coloring Book to the Comics category. Is this a book or is this a comic? The titles I want to see you ashamed, I will borrow her, Shinju no Nectar, and More than a couple, less than a lover were also added. Just to verify: does the lack of capitalization in the database match the indicia for these? The book title American Claimant/Pudd'nhead Wilson, The was added to the database this week. Should that be American Claimant, The/Pudd'nhead Wilson ? (The nitpicker in me is genuinely curious to know how the "/" punctuation affects the titling of this one.)
  3. A last minute addition to this month's Grim Reaper report that I wasn't able to get around to yesterday while it was still May 2022: Clobberin' Time has been cancelled, apparently the plans are to resolicit at a future date.
  4. What are the steps that you are doing to generate the pop-up screen that you are showing in your most recent post? When you open up ComicBase, it should automatically open up the database that you had open when you last quit the program. It shouldn't be going to a back-up database unless that is the one that you had open when you last quit ComicBase. You can also see a list of the databases that you have had open most recently. Go to FILE --> RECENT DATABASES to see that list. You can select from the list and open up the database of your choice from that list. If you know the name of the database you were working on during those 8 hours, you should be able to open up the database that you were using during all of that work. Another question for clarification: have you done anything to try to force ComicBase to keep your databases someplace other than the normal default location that ComicBase chooses on its own? You aren't trying to use ComicBase on something like OneDrive or similar service, correct?
  5. Just to clarify, the "Check for Updates" function checks to see if there are content updates from Human Computing (for example, info regarding new comics that were published over the last week or so) and updates to the ComicBase software. If you have been using that function 4 or 5 times a day while working on the same database, you shouldn't be discovering that you need to download new content or software updates each time. There just aren't that many updates in a single week, let alone in a single day. However, each database gets updated independently. If you have two databases and you run a content update on database #1, only database #1 will be updated. Database #2 will not be updated unless you run "check for updates" while database #2 is open. If you have been creating brand new database files 4 or 5 times each day and you run "check for updates" on each database, then each of those new databases will undergo a content update.
  6. During yesterday's Livestream, @Peter R. Bickford was asked about this title specifically. He indicated that it may need to be revisited and get moved to magazines.
  7. This week's update added the title Star Wars Leia, Princess of Alderaan. Is that punctuated correctly? (I kind of assume that there should be a colon between Wars and Leia.)
  8. Are you referring to the 1988 reprint comic? If so, then that is in the database under the title Action Comics, issue #1 (5th printing).
  9. They're dropping like flies today. All orders for Power Man & Iron Fist Epic Collection Hardball (listed in the database as Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection #4) have been cancelled. No indication yet as to whether a resolicit is forthcoming.
  10. Marvel has cancelled all orders for the Amazing Spider-Man #1 replica edition (in the database as ASM #1-B) and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 replica edition (in the database as ASM Annual #1-A). Marvel is apparently planning to resolicit these at some point, but for now they are dead.
  11. This week's update added the book title She-Hulk Goes to Murderworld: A Marvel: Multiverse Missions Adventure Gamebook. Is that title punctuated correctly? The comic book title Big Nate: Very Fiunny! was added. That should of course be spelled as Big Nate: Very Funny! The title Spider-Man's Greatest Team-Ups was added. Based on the date, price, and cover scan, this looks to be a duplication of Spider-Man: His Greatest Team-Up Battles. I don't know which of the two titles is correct, but I think that one of them needs to go. The following issues were added to the title Snowpiercer: #4, #4/HC, #5, and #5/HC. • #4/HC and #5/HC are duplications of the already cataloged Snowpiercer The Prequel comics. Those books don't have a vol. 4 or a vol. 5 on them anywhere (not on the cover, the spine, nor the indicia) and their title on the indicia page is indeed Snowpiercer The Prequel. So for sure the new #4/HC and #5/HC entries for the Snowpiercer title should be deleted. • I assume that #4 and #5 are trade paperback versions of the two Snowpiercer The Prequel hardcovers. However, I don't have those so I cannot verify whether their indicia states "Snowpiercer" or something else, nor whether they bear the volume numbers of 4 and 5 anywhere. It would seem to me that this info would clarify where the issues that were added as #4 and #5 should be cataloged.
  12. OK, I understand your question now. For what it is worth, CB's cover artist attributions for that issue match what is listed at mycomicshop.com. Fandom.com's Marvel wiki lists both covers as by Fryles, but errors have been found there in the past, so if they told me that the sky is blue, I would send somebody outdoors to verify. Personally, I'm not familiar with Fryles' art style to recognize it, but the cover marked in CB as being from Coipel looks like Coipel's work to me. YMMV All of the other "Grim Hunt" covers attributed to Fryles have a similar trade dress to them, particularly in regards to the "Grim Hunt" logo having the two words side-by-side, while the first printing covers not by Fryles have the words "Grim Hunt" stacked. The other Fryles covers are also missing the traditional "Amazing Spider-Man" cover logo. ASM #637 CB covers match this pattern. Hardly definitive, I know, but thought I would put that out there. Hopefully somebody reading this thread will have stronger evidence for or against the cover artist attributions that are currently in the CB database for this issue.
  13. I'm not sure that I understand the dilemma. The first printing had two covers available in equal numbers (i.e., 50/50 variants), so in principle either of those could be cover A or cover B. This issue came out in 2010, I think that it would require a compelling reason to switch the "variant A" and "variant B" designations since doing so at this late date will play havoc with everybody's inventory. The second print is the one with the white background and states "2nd printing variant" in the upper lefthand red box. This one is not ambiguous, and it is correctly cataloged.
  14. The title Tails of the Super Pets! should be changed to Tails of the Super Pets [note the lack of the exclamation point] to match the book's indicia.
  15. Which is one of the reasons why I posted here, wanted to give @Mark J. Castaneda a heads up.
  16. John Tyler Christopher recently sold direct to customers two different "negative space" Boba Fett variants of Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #4. These haven't shown up in the database, so I did my best to submit the data. The details for these variants are a little complicated, so here is what I did: • One of these variants has blue & gold armor for Boba Fett (his "Holiday Special" armor). I entered this one as issue 4-G. The original printing of these were mostly all damaged, so JTC did a second printing (so I made entries for 4-G and 4-G-2). The only way to tell the two printings apart is to look at the printing date in the indicia (the 2nd print is NOT marked "second printing"), so I made a note of this in "Item Description." I have a copy of the second printing, so I was able to provide a scan and UPC for that one. I do not know if the UPC for the first print is the same as for the second print, so I left the UPC field blank for the first print. • The other variant has green armor for Boba Fett (his "Empire Strikes Back" armor). I entered this one as issue 4-H. The original printing of these were also mostly all damaged, so JTC did a second printing (so I made entries for 4-H and 4-H-2). The only way to tell the two printings apart is to look at the printing date in the indicia (the 2nd print is NOT marked "second printing"), so I made a note of this in "Item Description." I have a copy of the first printing for this issue, so I was able to provide a scan and UPC for that one. I do not know if the UPC for the second print is the same as for the first print, so I left the UPC field blank for the second print. • For the selling prices, I simply went with the original price listed on the JTC website (although I think that asking prices on eBay are much higher right now, especially for the first printings).
  17. This week's update info is listed here (the link was broken earlier this week, but works now). I don't think that there is an unusual number of deletions in this week's update, but it does have a not of newspaper issues to add: Daily Mirror (too many to list) Daily Star #1 (too many to list) Dallas Morning News, The (too many to list) Washington Post, The (too many to list) Washington Times, The (too many to list)
  18. In ComicBase, the original periodicals are filed under Batman: The Dark Knight. I would have to dig out my floppies to check, but I assume that is a match to the indicia. EDITED TO ADD: I went into my collection and I was able to verify that the indicia for these periodicals is indeed Batman: The Dark Knight. Everybody refers to it as "The Dark Knight Returns" (partly b/c that is the cover title on the first issue and partly b/c that is how DC has been titling various collected edition reprints), but that doesn't actually match the indicia.
  19. Are the contents of this comics? Or is it more along the lines of Who's Who from DC or Marvel's Official Handbook? If the latter, then it goes into magazines (which is where Who's Who and OHOTMU have been categorized). Based on the couple of interior photos shown at this link, it looks to me like this belongs in magazines.
  20. Have you tried rebuilding lists? File --> File Tools --> Rebuild Lists
  21. If you have inventory in a Comic title and that title gets moved to another category (such as Books), then the content update will create the title under Books *and* leave your original Comic title (and its inventory) in place. I agree with Steven that content updates shouldn't normally delete your inventory, even in cases where the Media category for a particular title has changed. So in your case, it sounds like you should have both a Comic title (with inventory) and a Magazine title (with no inventory) for Batman: Cover to Cover (for example). Similarly, if you did have comic book Who's Who inventory in your database, then you should have both a Who's Who title in Comics and another Who's Who title in Magazines. You can leave things that way if you want to, but it will result in at least two potentially negative consequences: (1) the version of the title under the incorrect Media type will never get updated, including valuation data; and (2) you won't be able to sell your inventory that is listed under the incorrect Media type on Atomic Avenue. To avoid these problems, you'll want to get your inventory under the correct Book title and delete the old, obsolete Comic title. There are two ways to do this. Method 1: Method 2 (assuming that you have inventory only in the old title entry and no inventory the new title entry): • Go to the new title entry (the one where you have no inventory). Use cntrl-T to get a pop-up window that will allow you to modify that title. On the screen for modifying that particular title, you should see a button that allows you to delete that title. • After deleting that title, go to the old title entry (the one that has your inventory in it). Use Menu item Edit --> Change Media Type to change your old title to the new, correct media category. (Note that if you are changing a Comic title to a Book title, you might need to edit things so that the individual items are not part of a numbered series [depending on whether or not that Book title is a numbered series, of course]). • The next time you run a content update, the update should update the title that has your inventory (which is now listed under the correct Media type) with the most recent information.
  22. Behemoth Comics has apparently made a last minute cancellation of their FCBD comic Kult Cable #1 (listed by Diamond as Kult Cable ft. Jack Black). I'm not seeing it in the database b/c I assume that most FCBD comics are entered after they arrive at the HC offices (instead of shortly after solicit as is the case for most comics).
  23. This week's update added Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings: The Art of the Movie as a Comic Book. That title should be moved to Books.
  24. The scanner does seem to scan into a text editor correctly. I think that the issue may be how the cntrl-I and cntrl-J functions handle the data from the scanner. If I scan the UPC from a comic with supplementals (for my experiment I randomly picked Marauders Annual #1) into a text editor, the UPC shows up as 759606202188 00111 [note the space just before the supplemental digits]. If I copy and paste that into the cntrl-I pop-up screen and include the space, ComicBase recognizes the comic. If I copy and paste into the Find box after hitting cntrl-J the comic is not recognized and I get the incorrect behavior that I described above. If I manually delete the space in the pasted UPC, then ComicBase recognizes the comic. So my conclusion is that the cntrl-I and cntrl-J functions in ComicBase handle the data from the scanner a little bit differently. I never had an issue with my old Manhattan scanner which I have been using all along up until the new scanner arrived today.
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