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  1. For situations like this, it is always a good idea to see how items are cataloged in HC's master database, i.e., check to see how things are indexed on Atomic Avenue. (That doesn't solve the AST by LW & BW mystery, but for most cases it does help you see if HC is cataloging items in a way that differs from one's own personal database.)
  2. I have a copy of TPB 2 (I received it and HC 1 from the recent Zoop campaign), but I haven't had a chance yet to scan it or enter any of the info into my database for submission. I will try to get to that this week.
  3. One of last week's content updates added the title Dan Panosian: Urban Barbarian Collected Works. A couple of notes on this: • The indicia uses a dash rather than a colon. • The database lists a single item under this title, an unnumbered hardcover. Although it is true that the hardcover doesn't bear a volume number, there is also a "volume 2" for this title that is a trade paperback. So I am proposing that what is currently listed as "HC" under this title be changed to "HC 1" and that "TPB 2" be added.
  4. X-Factor by Peter David Omnibus #3/HC and #3-A have been cancelled. They'll be resolicited, but since details can change between now and the resolicit, it would be best to delete these listings from the database for now.
  5. Gateway City Book #2 and Gateway City Quarterly Book #2 are the same item. Not completely sure which one should be deleted. The indicia for the item calls it "Gateway City." I am pretty sure that the contents include material from Gateway City Quarterly, but I also think that the Quarterly issues include material that isn't in the books. My tentative suggestion is the delete the book from the Gateway City Quarterly title, but would appreciate input from anybody who has a better knowledge as to how the content of the Quarterly compares to the books.
  6. This probably isn't a new item from this week's content update, but it is something that I noticed when looking through the 3/24 update file posted at the CB homepage: The database includes the title Carl Barks Comic and Stories Original Art Edition to the Books category. Two comments on this: 1. Based on the cover, this looks like it should be titled Carl Barks Comics and Stories Original Art Edition [note the "s" in "Comics"] 2. The title description indicates that this includes the original art for nine complete comic stories. That means this should really go into the Comics category, yes?
  7. For five typical US floppies, the weight would be too much for First Class Mail, so AA will calculate shipping for that order as a US Priority Mail flat rate envelope shipment. Presently that costs $9.65, so AA charges $10.15 so that the seller can cover their shipping costs *plus* the costs of bags, boards, sealing tape, etc for your order. The above assumes that all five comics come from the same seller. If those comics all come from different sellers, then you kind of have to expect that each of those sellers is entitled to s&h reimbursement, yes? A reminder that US postal regulations explicitly exclude comic books from being eligible for Media Mail. I know a lot of sellers use it, but postal inspectors can (and sometimes do) inspect the contents of Media Mail packages... if they believe that the contents don't meet the regs for Media Mail, they will send it along to the recipient as a "postage due" package. (Yes, it does happen... last month I was the recipient for a vendor's package that shipping comics via Media Mail and I had to pay a hefty postage due bill to get my package.)
  8. This week's update added Time 2: The Stisfaction of Black Mariah to the Comics category. Not only is this title poorly spelled and formatted (there should be no space between "Time" and "2" b/c the two is actually superscripted in the title [to be read as "Time Squared"]), but it is also a duplicate of First Graphic Novel Book #12.
  9. So you think that the issue should be Moon Knight Annual Annual #1?
  10. This update added the following title to Books that should probably have gone into Comics: Blondie: 100 Selected Top Laughs of America’s Best Loved Comic The title Die Flusse von London was added as a Comic title. That should really be indexed as Flusse von London, Die Just to verify: does Sh*t the Dog Poster Magazine contain comics or just pin-ups/posters? Also, does the actual title include an asterisk or not? (The scan on this webpage would suggest that it does not.) What is the CB policy on this sort of thing? (Similar question for Sick-Sh*t... based on the scan in CB for this title, there is no asterisk.)
  11. Bleeding Cool recently listed some items solicited by Marvel long ago but which have never been published. Most of these are not in the database, but a couple still are and should be deleted: • Marvel Monograph: The Art of Leinl Francis Yu • Luke Cage; City on Fire
  12. I may be wrong on this, but I think that the updates generally do NOT make changes of the sort you are asking about.
  13. I'm not understanding the problem here. The notes for #1/F say "Limited to 350" and the notes for #1/H say "Limited to 300." So there were supposedly 350 copies of #1/F circulated and 300 copies of #1/H circulated.
  14. Not being familiar with this title, my first instinct is to ask whether it should be "Brother's" or "Brothers" [no apostrophe]
  15. Or maybe "companion" covers? Since "twin" is kind of limiting (i.e., strictly two) but it isn't hard to imagine an instance could occur where there are more than just two companion covers for a particular project.
  16. This week's update added the Comic Book title Antarctic Press Presents: How to Draw Manga. Any reason why this title was added as a Comic and not as a Book title? (I see a whole bunch of Antartic's "How to Draw" titles were set up as Book titles this week.) This week the Comics title Youth (Schulz’s…) got changed to Schulz’s Youth. Based on the database description for this title, it is a collection of cartoons by Charles Schulz for the magazine Youth (rather than a book about Charles Schulz's younger years). Should this title have kept its original form?
  17. Dude, just email corrected scans. Why make Pete et al go through a lot of coding work?
  18. This sounds like it should really be posted over at the Atomic Avenue message boards rather than here in the ComicBase message boards. That said, and at the risk of continuing a thread that belongs elsewhere, I'll say that I'm not sure why your shipping costs would be $35. Is this domestic US shipping? Or shipping across the Atlantic Ocean? Is this for floppies, or for something like a large heavy book? Or are you saying that the sellers all have minimum purchase requirements of $35 per order?
  19. I'd be in favor of using the Appearances field for that info, but based on Mark's response you'll need to convince @Mark J. Castaneda and/or @Peter R. Bickford that this is a suitable use for the field.
  20. If users are allowed to upload scans that are smaller than what is in the database, there is the potential for a lot of incorrect things to get submitted, especially since there are "correction points" associated with scan submissions. It actually has the potential to balloon into a bigger workload problem than just submitting an email to correct scans that need cropping etc.
  21. If it was addressed in the master database, should the notation as it is displayed on Atomic Avenue have updated automatically? I always use the AA pages as a way of checking what is in the master database, and right now the incorrect notation is still on display there.
  22. Many of them could be legit landscape publications. A lot of comic strip reprints over the last several years have been in landscape format books. The Library of American Comics publications (most of which have come out via IDW) use that format very often, for example.
  23. Since it is already in portrait rather than landscape, the question of whether or not #9/D gets rotated should depend on which side the staples are on, yes? #9/E is presented in landscape, so that scan needs to be rotated for sure... but whether it is 90° CW or CCW depends on which side the staples are on.
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