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  1. GCD also has a two issue series with a Title of "Superman and". See here https://www.comics.org/series/34594/. It is indexed with two issues which are probably reprints of the DC Comics Presents #27 and 29.
  2. Yew, I can but I am not sure why you are having problems. For example, typing "Marvel Super Heroes Se" in the Find box brings up a list with "Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars" as the first item. (Attachment 1) Selecting that Title, and scrolling down the list you will find Item #'s 11 and 12. Attachment 2). So, the question is, why can't you see this? One possibility is you are only displaying items you own. Click on the View drop-down box, and select Items to Show and see what is checked in the cascaded menu. It should have All Items checked. (Attachment 3) Another thing to check is click on the folder icon in the top right corner (or use CTRL + T) to get the Titles window. In the top left corner, next to Show, the All Titles should be selected. (Attachment 4)
  3. In the old Forum (accessible with the Forum Archive tab at the top), a few style guides was created. List is a list of links to all of them: https://atomicavenue.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2523 This is the specific link to the one on appearances http://www.atomicavenue.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2464 They are a little old, but still valid. Not sure if they answer all of your questions.
  4. Can you check this. In CB, press CTRL + F. This will open a Find window (there are other ways to get this). Next to Find is a drop-down box (in blue in attachment). When you click on that to display the options, do you see Advanced Find (circled in red)? If you do, we can use that to help find some of the issues. If not, then you don't have Advance Find in the Pro edition. I have a separate scanner that I use. Some printers are mulit-purpose and have scanning available, but not all have a flat-bed scanner. If nothing else, you can take a photo of the cover with your iphone.
  5. What edition of CB do you have (Free, Express, Pro, Archive)? Depending on the edition, there may be some options on searching. For example, the Archive edition has an advanced find where you can do searches for multiple items at the same time (possibly, the Pro edition might have this but I am not sure and the product description isn't helpful). If you can find the comic on AA, the same Title / Issue should be in CB. (And, unfortunately, I don't think the click on AA item to add to CB would work.) If you can supply some information on the issues you are having problems with (a cover scan would help a lot), someone may be able to help you find them.
  6. Okay. I checked the three Titles you mentioned and I do have the covers (and I didn't download them manually). So I am not sure what is going on for you. However, having the "Show Picture Folder" greyed out does NOT sound correct. Whenever I right-click on the large picture area (top left corner),, mine is never greyed out. I have tried Titles with covers, Titles without any covers, first selecting an Issue (for Titles with covers) and first selecting an Issue (for Titles without any covers).
  7. If you give some examples, I can check my database to see if the same ones are missing. Have you checked the actual picture folder to see if the cover exists? One thing that might have happened (although not likely for so many occurrences) if if the Item number was changed (i.e. from 1 to 1/A). If it did, the cover would not be displayed but it could still exist (with a different name) in the folder.
  8. Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg & Bk 2.jpg From: D:\ComicBase Data\Pictures\I\Image\P\Pop Gun War- Gift To: Pictures\I\Image\P\Pop Gun War (2nd Series) Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dragon's Dream\Studio, The Rename Bk 1.jpg to Bk 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\S\Solomon Kane- The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Rename 1.jpg to 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\C\Chartwell Books\Wonder Woman- The War Years
  9. HC made a decision a long time ago to remove parts of a publisher's name and is not likely to change. As you found out Publishing is one of the parts. Also, Hermes Press is just Hermes. There are others. This is part of CB and any modification to the names will be changed back anytime you do an update.
  10. Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\C\Crescent\International Book of Comics, The Delete or Rename 3.jpg to 3-A.jpg From: Pictures\V\Vault\Engine Ward
  11. The behavior of the drag/drop has changed in CB 2020. Instead of dragging to the Cover image area (top left corner), you drag/drop it in the grid area (it does not have to be on the exact Item # line, just anywhere in the grid area. When the new way (to the grid area), it will create the folder (if needed).
  12. New Fantastic Four: Monsters Unleashed Reprints Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #347-349; ca. 1992 The Three Stooges: Dell 1959 Edition Reprints Dell Four Color #1043 from 1959; ca. 2019 Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\N\New Fantastic Four- Monsters Unleashed To: Pictures\M\Marvel\F\Fantastic Four- Monsters Unleashed Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\American Mythology\The Three Stooges- Dell 1959 Edition To: Pictures\A\American Mythology\Three Stooges, The- Dell 1959 Edition Rename Bk 1.jpg to 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\V\Vertigo\Delirium's Party- A Little Endless Storybook Rename 5.jpg to 5-A.jpg From: Pictures\V\Vault\Finger Guns
  13. 1: It appears that the defect that causes the lowest down-grade is included. If there is another less severe defect it isn't listed. In the bottom left corner, you can see the text that will be added to the Grading notes as you grade an issue. For example, Select Binding Quality of "slight mis-centering of cover" lowers to NM/9.4 (with text displayed) Continuing and changing Tape to "Moderate (less than 2"...)" lowers to G/2.0 with the text changes to the Tape information. Since the first mis-centered info was less of a down-grade, it is ignored. If needed, you could manually edit the Grading Notes and add additional information. 2: If you are asking which Items have Grading Notes, you can do a Find for Item Field "Grading Notes" and use Is Greater Than <space> (press the space bar in the text box). If you are asking for which ones you have Graded which didn't generate any grading notes (no down-grading of condition), I can't see how that could be found. If you have Custom Columns, you could use a Custom Check box to indicate Graded. 3: I am not an AA expert but I think just the master database cover (the one at HC) is used on AA. Your own cover isn't displayed.
  14. But to answer your question on how to add a new Title to CB: First you need to know the publisher and how it is used in CB. For some reason, in the distant past, it was decided to remove part of the publisher name. For example, instead of "Hermes Press", CB has "Hermes". You might try to find other Titles by that Publisher to see how CB entered it. Once you have the Publisher: Use Menu Items->New Comic Book. Enter the Title name, then Click OK. In the next window, enter the Publisher (at a minimum). You can enter additional info, if know. The click SAVE. This will bring up the next window to enter information on the Item (issue). There are all kinds of information that can be entered. At a minimum, make sure the Number is accurate (if the issue is not numbered, CB still needs a number (usually 1). Then Click Save.
  15. First, I believe this is already in CB. Look in the "King Reading Library" Item # 10 (see on Atomic Avenue at https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/959271/1/King-Reading-Library-10 )
  16. And now, I am getting the same error you are getting. Not sure what changed. It was working (well, not getting the error), then it started getting the error.
  17. Sorry to hear about your medical problems, but glad you are doing better.
  18. Okay, I followed your steps and didn't get an error. Select an Issue, right-click and select Add to Set... and I get the Sets window. Since I don't have any Sets, I would need to click on the "+ New Set" to create one. Next I created a Set (Menu Items->Sets) and added an Issue to it and saved. Did the steps again (select, right-click, Add to Set) and while I still did not get an error, this didn't work as I would have expected. What happened is the Sets window opens again, sowing the one Set I have. I can go through the process of clicking Select and finding/selecting other Item #( s ) to the set but it does NOT try to add the original Selected Issue to that Set. I would have expected the Selected Item # to be added to an existing Set or (more likely) to just select an existing Set to add it to. So instead of Add to Set actually the Selected Item # to a Set (or letting you choose which Set to add to), it just bring up the Set window and you have to go find the Title/Item # to add. Hope this helps some.
  19. Can you list the steps of what you were doing when you get the error? Also, what version of CB are you using (mine is v20.0.3.3805. If you don't have the newest version, you might try downloading/installing it.
  20. Delete or Rename HC.jpg to 1/HC.jpg From: Pictures\K\Kitchen Sink\Flash Gordon, The Complete Daily Strips Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\C\Century\Bogeyman Comics To: Pictures\S\San Francisco Comic Book Co\Bogeyman Comics (San Francisco Comic Book Co.) Rename 66.jpg to 805.jpg From: Pictures\F\Femme Fatales\Femme Fatales (Frederick S. Clarke) Rename 2.jpg to TPB 2.jpg From: Pictures\S\SQP\Girls On Top!- The Pin Up Art of Matt Dixon Delete or Move Bk 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\N\Namor the Sub-Mariner by Byrne and Jae Lee Omnibus To: Pictures\M\Marvel\N\Namor the Sub-Mariner by John Bryne & Jae Lee Omnibus Rename Dlx.jpg to Dlx 1.jpg From: Pictures\F\Flesk\Art of Frank Cho, The- A Twenty-Year Retrospective Rename HC.jpg to HC 1.jpg, HC-SN.jpg to HC 1/SN.jpg, & TPB.jpg to TPB 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Stabur\Art of Jack Davis, The Rename TPB.jpg to TPB 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Sal Quartuccio\Art of John Byrne, The Delete TPB 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\SQP\Body Shots- The Art of TC Cor Rename HC 1.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Dave Stevens- Covers & Stories Rename HC 1.jpg to HC.jpg, TPB 1-A.jpg to TPB-A.jpg, & TPB 1-B.jpg to TPB-B.jpg From: Pictures\T\Titan\Icons- The DC & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee Rename TPB 2.jpg to TPB From: Pictures\V\Viper\Mosh Girls & Monsters- The Art of Josh Howard Rename TPB.jpg to TPB 3.jpg From: Pictures\T\Taschen\Sally Forth (Taschen) Rename TPB.jpg to TPB 7.jpg From: Pictures\S\Sanctum\Whisperer Double Novel, The Rename CP 1.jpg to Ash 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Mad Cave\Battlecats (Vol. 2) Rename 31-A.jpg to 31.jpg From: Pictures\W\WildStorm\Boys, The Not sure on this one. The Art of Rick & Morty HC 2 was deleted. HC 2.jpg (with a NOT FINAL COVER on it) exists in the pictures folder. So, you can: Delete HC 2.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\A\Art of Rick & Morty, The or leave it in case it is added back to the database.
  21. Thanks for the correction. Was the L Variant the WalMart variant and it got deleted iincorrectly? is one of the current variants the Walmart one? (I will edit my original post to make a correction.)
  22. Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC 1.jpg From: Pictures\L\Last Gasp\Adventures of Herge, Creator of Tintin, The Delete 1.jpg through 33.jpg OR Move 1.jpg through 9.jpg From: Pictures\T\Titan\Babylon 5 (Titan) To: Pictures\T\Titan\Official Babylon 5 Magazine, The Then Rename 10.jpg through 33.jpg to 201.jpg through 224.jpg Then Move From: Pictures\T\Titan\Babylon 5 (Titan) To: Pictures\T\Titan\Official Babylon 5 Magazine, The (or rename 1.jpg through 24.jpg to 201.jpg through 224.jpg From: Pictures\T\Titan\Babylon 5 (Titan, Vol. 2) To: Pictures\T\Titan\Official Babylon 5 Magazine, The (former Comic Books titles Babylon 5 (Titan) and Babylon 5 (Titan, Vol. 2) being combined in Magazine title The Official Babylon 5 Magazine. In addition the Babylon 5 (Titan, Vol. 2) covers were duplicated in Babylon 5 (Titan) which is why you can rename the covers from either series) Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\Bettie Page Rules Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\U\University Press of Mississippi\Comic Books as History Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\T\TwoMorrows\Grailpages- Original Comic Book Art and the Collectors Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC 1.jpg From: Pictures\L\Last Gasp\Tintin- The Complete Companion Rename TPB 1.jpg to MMPB 1.jpg, TPB 2.jpg to MMPB 2.jpg, and TPB 3.jpg to MMPB.3.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bantam Books\Further Adventures of Batman, The Rename TPB.jpg to MMPB.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bantam Books\Further Adventures Of The Joker, The Rename HC 24.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\A\Active Images\Tim Sale- Black and White Rename 1-L.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\N\New Mutants (4th Series) Rename 2.jpg to 2-A.jpg From: Pictures\V\Vault\Vampire- The Masquerade- Winter's Teeth
  23. The photos are not in the actual database. They are stored in a separate windows folder. The default location is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing\Pictures.
  24. You are doing nothing wrong. Each edition of ComicBase comes with a different amount of covers. Each addition has approximately: Archive Edition - 650,000, Professional - 50,000, Express - 5,000, The Free Edition doesn't list the number of covers but I would think it would be 5,000 or (most likely) less than that. You can scan and add your own covers (at least I think you should be able to in the Free version but I have never used it).
  25. Someone who knows the mobile app better than me can correct this if I am wrong, but I believe the Mobile App only displays static report( s ) that you have uploaded to the CB Cloud storage. It is not a working copy of CB.
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