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  1. CB currently has Marvel Masterworks Pin-Up in Books. The actual title is Marvel Masterworks Pin-Ups (note S on the end).
  2. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\A\Aliens vs. Predator- Thicker Than Blood To: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\A\Alien vs. Predator- Thicker Than Blood Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Army of Darkness- Conventino Invasion To: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Army of Darkness- Convention Invasion Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 3-A.jpg) From: Pictures\A\American Mythology\Moon Maid, The (Edgar Rice Burroughs'-) To: Pictures\A\American Mythology\Moon Maid, The- Catacombs of the Moon (Edgar Rice Burroughs'-) Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\S\St. Martin's\Walking Dead, The- Rise of the Governor (Moved to Books) Rename 1-HC to HC.jpg From: Pictures\S\St. Martin's\Walking Dead, The- Road to Woodbury (Moved to Books) Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\S\St. Martin's\Walking Dead, The- Descent (Moved to Books) Rename 1-SC.jpg to 1-A.jpg and 2-SC.jpg to 2-A.jpg From: Pictures\L\London Night\Razor- Torture
  3. I am not sure. For a Comma Separated data (instead of Tab Separated) The " " are needed for any Title that contains a Comma (so the process knows to ignore it). For example: "Avengers, The",2,Marvel The Import would only see the 2 comma's between Title, Item #, and Publisher. However, when I did a Tab Separated export, the Title showed up as: Avengers, The 2 Marvel Without the " " around the Title. It might be best to use Comma Separated Import if the data has " "
  4. If you just want a list of Titles, instead of exporting (which will have a lot of duplicates), you can use Find like this: Click on the Magnifying Glass icon next to the Find box at the top of the window. In the Find window, click on the Find drop-down box and select Title Fields->Title. In the condition drop-down box, select Is Not. In the input box, type a Space (press the space bar). When you click the Find button, you will get a list of all 58,000+ Titles (along with Publisher an Years Published). At this point you can select (high-light) all the Titles then Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) the information into a spreadsheet or Notepad. NOTE: You may need to use Menu item Setup->Preferences and set Rows to Display in Grid View to 100000 to get them all in one display. If not, you may have to copy/paste one display, advance to the next display, then copy/paste them until you have gone through all the displays.
  5. The easiest way is to export the database to a file. This would give you the exact name (and Item #) that CB is using. For example, the two you mentioned export (using Tab Delimited) as: 2001, A Space Odyssey Avengers, The Looks like it might have to do with punctuation and location of leading articles. I think the Professional Edition can do exports.
  6. Basically any comic type content is in Comic Books. So Graphic Novels, collected editions, etc. would still be in Comic Books. If it is about comics such as Illustrated text story where the illustration, while nice, is not key or essential to the story, Guide books (Overstreet), Art of artist, etc. will go to books. Magazines are a little harder to quantify (other than I know what one is one I see it...) but generally have articles and are not hard covers.
  7. Todd, can you try the following: Next to the Find box (on the left), click the Find drop-down box and select Publisher. Then do this again and select Title Name or Barcode. Try typing in a title name. Does it work? On rare occasions, I have noticed that even though the text 'Title name or barcode' is displayed in the box, it seems to actually be set to do another type of search. On those occasions, I have to specifically select Title Name or Barcode to 'reset' it back to this type of search. PS this is rare enough that I can't recreate it.
  8. When I use Ctrl+T, there is about a 3 second delay for all Titles For Titles I own, it is less than 1 second. This is both before and after Rebuild Lists->Series Information and Optimize Database.
  9. It is showing up in my database. As a suggestion, try using File Tools->Rebuild Lists then Series Information.
  10. The best/safest way to change the Item # is to open the Issue edit window. Double click on the far left box to open the window or select the issue by a single-click on the far left box, then a right-click and select Modify Issue from the pop-up menu.
  11. First, the Pictures folder (and its contents) will NOT be deleted if you Uninstall CB. Second, the Picture folder is there but it is not located in the same place as the Databases. The easiest way to find it is: Open CB and select menu item File->File Tools. Then click on Manage Pictures and Movies. in the window that opens, it should have the location of the Pictures folder. The Default location should be on you C Drive in \Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing\ NOTE: Documents may be named Public Documents (Windows aliases this with Documents and either one could be displayed PS: You can change the location to some other location if you like. Just remember to point the folder that Contains the Pictures folder and NOT the actual Pictures folder.
  12. Correct. They look like perfectly ordinary covers. Having thought about this, is it possible I deleted them when they originally showed as as pre-lim, leaving a empty place for the correct one, later. I don't know that I did that but it is possible.
  13. Of the listed Titles the following (which I do not own so I couldn't scan myself) are all NOT Preliminary Covers: Basketful of Heads #1 Captain America (9th Series) #5B Gideon Falls #18A Hazel and Cha Cha Save Christmas #1A X-Men (5th Series) #2) (instead of X-Man) This following is not a Preliminary Cover, either, but is actually the cover for Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star) #16 Fantastic Four (6th Series) #16 I don't have any covers in the rest of the list. I may have deleted them or they may not have downloaded.
  14. CB has Title from American Mythology (2019) as: The Moon Maid (Edgar Rice Burroughs'...) The correct Title, by indicia and cover is: The Moon Maid: Catacombs of the Moon (Edgar Rice Burroughs'...)
  15. We can hope but I doubt it. If you ever look through the picture folder as supplied by the picture disks, you will find a lot of old obsolete folders and incorrect cover scans spread all through it from many, many years of changes and errors. From the programs perspective, this is (mostly) immaterial as it will only find valid folders for valid Titles and the the same for valid Item #s. All the stray 'junk' is hidden from the program and, with the size of hard drives now, the space used is probably not enough to bother with. I've cleaned mine up as best as I can and supply the 'Cover Scan Maintenance' post as a sort of log of what I changed in case anyone else cares.
  16. Delete or Move ALL From: Pictures\E\Editorial Novaro\Asombo To: Pictures\E\Editorial Novaro\Asombro Delete or Move ALL From: Pictures\M\Marvel\J\Jane Foster- Valkyrie To: Pictures\M\Marvel\V\Valkyrie- Jane Foster Delete 290.jpg From: Pictures\A\Aardvark-Vanaheim\Cerebus The Aardvark (a double-book with #289) Rename 19-C.jpg to 19-B.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Green Hornet (Dynamite) Rename 1.jpg to 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\M\Mount Olympus\Patriotika
  17. I haven't noticed any but the check I had isn't as reliable as it once was. If you list a couple of examples, I can check to see what I have.
  18. You can still select all the result of a Find and Mark / Unmark them.
  19. CB 2020 is up to V20.0.1.2874. You might try downloading / installing that version. Not sure what fixes have been put in the various updates.
  20. Depends on the Edition you have. The Professional Edition only has a limited number of covers (around 50,000) . Since there are about 50,300 Titles in CB, that works out to only 1 per Title (on average. Some may have more and some may have none). The Archive Edition has around 625,000 cover.
  21. For the most part, Annuals are Issues under the same Title as the Issues with an Item # of Anl 1, Anl 2, etc. However, it is possible for Annuals to span more than one Title. As a made up example, Spider-Man 1st Series may have Anl 1 - Anl 4, then a new Title Spider-Man 2nd Series may have Anl 5 - Anl 6.
  22. Greg, this can still be done. If you just want to create the folder, go to a Title that does not have any covers. Then, right-click on the large picture area in the top left corner (if there are no covers, it should look like CB's super-guy), and select Show Picture File. This will create (if it doesn't exist) and open a windows folder at that location. Or If you have a Cover that you want to move into CB, make sure it is named correctly, and then drag and drop it in the grid area, this will also create the folder. This is a little different from previous version where you dropped on the picture area. (Technically, the folder will be created even if you have the cover named incorrectly, it just won't be tied to an Item #.)
  23. Patrick, depending on the Edition of CB you have, there is an Export and Import option under menu item File. I have the Archive Edition, and they may be in the Professional Edition. I don't think both are in the Express Edition.
  24. Thanks for the information. It appears to work in 2836 but not in 2847. I even tried Rebuild Lists and it still doesn't work for me. Hopefully it is an easy fix when it gets looked into.
  25. You can do the first two with Find, Item Field -> UPC and Begins With. Enter the first 10, 12, or 15 UPC numbers. For the last item, if you have it available, the Advanced Find works. Use Like and an underscore ( _ ) to replace any 1 position or a percent ( % ) for any number of positions Items Where... I.[UPC] LIKE '75960607090900_11' or I.[UPC] LIKE '759606082292%11' PS if needed, you can mix/match the use of _ and %.
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