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Not able to Download Artwork

John R. Costa

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If you bought a physical copy, you will need to install the Pictures (cover scans) from it).
In CB use File->Install Pictures and Movies.

If you downloaded the program, you also need to down load the picture file( s ).
Go to ComicBase website.
Select My Account->Registrations.
Click the Green Arrow under download.
Click the 'Other' radio button.
Download the Pictures file.
Then in CB use File->Install Pictures and Movies.

NOTE: After installing you will still only have 1 cover per Title (actually less than that) as there are about 60,000 cover in the Pro edition but over 65,000 titles.

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Ok i got it !   In the the PRO  edition you only get 1 pic per title !  Even though  there could be 50+ ISSUES   in A TITLE! 

As a  novice/beginner collector  that is kind of  a bit on the  "shady" Side  BUT!!!!!!!  as a Businessman  I do understand someone has to get paid TO input the pics !

Especially since I DO NOT WANT TO DO IT! and the program does  quite a bit MORE ,then other programs , HOWEVER It would of been more ATTRACTIVE to get at least 30% of the pics on the PRO, but hey it is what it is so im gonna spend the extra money on the upgrade.  I do appreciate the help on this  forum.

NOW on to my NEXT PROBLEM !!!! transfering  my list of 1700 comics on to comicbase ,  so Thank You  for the input and i cant wait to get familiar enough with this program that i can fully  use it to my expectations! 

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