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Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection - Hachette Partworks

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I am wanting to sort this title out. At the moment a lot of them are missing, however before I start I would like some guidance on the numbering.

The 1st issue released i.e. issue one was the Amazing Spider-Man Coming Home - however this is volume 21 (when you put them in volume order on the shelf the spines form a picture)

The 2nd issue was the Uncanny X-Men, and this was volume 2.

Issue 3 was Iron man Extremis, but this was volume 43.

And so it continues.

Do you want the numbering to be based on issue i.e. the order they were released or by volume i.e. the order they are put in on the bookshelf to form the spine picture?

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I will let Mark make the ultimate decision but I have a few questions.
What is listed in the indicia (or its equivalent in a book)?
Are they double-numbered?
I saw a few on-line where the spine has a number but a sticker (on the shrink-wrap) has a different number. Is that number on the sticker also in/on the actual book?

PS Thought I would look for something similar and found DC Comics: Graphic Novel Collection from Eaglemoss.

There are no Notes about numbering but they appear to be in Cover Date Order.

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And, I believe, the Volume number is also the last 2 digits of the UPC on the back.

That means the Volume number on the sticker (which could be thrown away) is available on the book (just not specifically named that).

So they are double-numbered, in a fashion.

My guess would be to list them in the order they were released. (At least that appears to be what was done for the DC collection I mentioned.)

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IMO:  If these are numbered in the database by release order, then there should be something in the Notes field to indicate the volume number on the spine to avoid unnecessary confusion.  

My personal inclination would be to keep things simple and just go by volume number since (I assume, possibly incorrectly) that as time passes collectors of the series will be less concerned with release order than they will with the volume number.  

It should be noted that there is a precedence for numbering book releases in the database by the volume number and not chronological publication order.  All of Marvel's Epic tpb titles are numbered in the database by the volume number rather than by release order.  

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