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TwoMorrows magazines repeatedly showing up in Comics category

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Newly published TwoMorrows magazines have been showing up in the Comics category with some regularity over the last several months.  For example, see these entries for the titles Back Issue and Alter Ego (which have their correct magazine titles listed here and here, respectively).   This leads to duplications that eventually get corrected but the process seems to repeat itself as TwoMorrows publishes new issues of their magazines every month or so.  

Because this happens so frequently, I *assume* that this happens because either......
(1) The HC editorial team enters the magazines in correctly in the first place but then a CB user submits them as comics and the editorial team accepts the (inappropriate) correction;
(2) The HC editorial team incorrectly enters the magazines as comics in the first place and then a CB user submits them as magazines and it takes the editorial team some time to discover the original incorrect listing.  

Either way, I'm posting this here to request that the HC editorial team get a "heads up" on this *and* to alert CB users who submit newly published TwoMorrows magazines to be sure that their database has the TwoMorrows titles under the appropriate category.  

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3 hours ago, Walt Grogan said:

I was just about to create a topic on the same thing regarding Back Issue when I noticed that you had started one @Gregory Hecht

The most recent content update has deleted the comic book title versions of Alter Ego, Back Issue, and Comic Book Creator.  Since we've all been here before (ala Groundhog Day), let's all keep a watchful eye out to see if these titles get re-created in a couple of months.  

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If you have run the latest content update (posted yesterday) with the proper settings checked off *and* you have no issues marked as "in stock" for the Comic title versions of these magazines, then the Comic title shouldn't be in your database at all.  All bar code entry for issues of those magazines will have only one place to go: the magazine titles.  

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