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Completely Out Of Left Field

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Just curious, does anyone have the badges in their profile between "200 correction points" and "Making the Charts"?  From where I sit, it looks like they should likely be related to correction points and I should probably have made at least one of them in between by now.  

I'm not trying to spoil the mystery, so if you prefer you can PM me. 

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In the ComicBase Livestream #51 starting at the 34:43 point, Pete lists the various badges. They are:

1) Back Back                  - Upgrade from an older version
2) Hot Off the Presses        - Enter a new comic book for the first time
3) Current Events             - Downloaded an update
4) Going Mobile               - Save a Report to the Web
5) Open for Business          - Post Comics for sale
6) We're in the Money         - Make a sale
7) The Inspector              - Use the Grading Wizard
8) Short Box                  - 125 issues
9) Long Box                   - 200 issues
10) Enough to have a problem  - 500 issues
11) New Millennium            - 1,000 issues
12) Serious                   - 5,000 issues
13) Fan Boy                   - 10,000 issues
14) Archivist                 - 50,000 issues
15) Calling Dr. Jones         - Submit new Title
16) Shows Initiative          - Submit a correction
17) Contributor               - 100 submission points
18) Four Color Scholar        - 200 submission points
19) Commander Shepard Award   - 100,000 submission points
20) Social                    - Currently not used
21) Going... Going...         - Submitting collection to Heritage Auction
22) Making the Charts         - Make the Leader Board (submission points). Top 200.
23) The Few, the Proud        - Make the Top 10 on the Leader Board.


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I guess I wasn't clear.  I understand what it says.  I create reports weekly from CB.  But, I cannot find any mechanism to upload a report to the Web in the Express version.  So, to clarify my question:

How do you upload a report to the Web using CB, thus earning the badge?

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