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Just received my wireless barcode scanner in the mail today!  Looks slick!

I seem to be misunderstanding something in the set-up process.  I scanned the following codes in succession:
      Enter setup mode (from the manufacturer's pamphlet)
      all three codes (in order) listed under the "Easy Setup" portion of the sheet from Human Computing that came with the scanner
      Exit setup mode (from the manufacturer's pamphlet)

When using CNTRL-J to jump to specific issues, the scanner has no trouble recognizing comic book barcodes without supplementals.  The scanner is unable to properly read any barcodes with supplementals... I get the proper beep when I scan, but the result in ComicBase is that it takes me to the next alphabetized title in the database.  

What am I doing incorrectly in my setup?  


The scanner appears to read the barcodes just fine when using CNTRL-I to add inventory.  It seems to be only CNTRL-J that isn't working properly.

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The scanner does seem to scan into a text editor correctly.  

I think that the issue may be how the cntrl-I and cntrl-J functions handle the data from the scanner.  If I scan the UPC from a comic with supplementals (for my experiment I randomly picked Marauders Annual #1) into a text editor, the UPC shows up as 759606202188 00111 [note the space just before the supplemental digits]. 
If I copy and paste that into the cntrl-I pop-up screen and include the space, ComicBase recognizes the comic. 
If I copy and paste into the Find box after hitting cntrl-J the comic is not recognized and I get the incorrect behavior that I described above.  If I manually delete the space in the pasted UPC, then ComicBase recognizes the comic.  

So my conclusion is that the cntrl-I and cntrl-J functions in ComicBase handle the data from the scanner a little bit differently.  

I never had an issue with my old Manhattan scanner which I have been using all along up until the new scanner arrived today.  


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