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Inside Image and Marvel Age

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I only have one issue of Inside Image and I don't plan to get more. This title is in ComicBase in the Comic Books category, but the issue I have does not contain any actual comics--instead, it has articles and advertisements promoting Image titles. By this measure, it belongs in the Magazines category, if other issues are of similar composition. Can anyone confirm whether other issues contain any actual comics?

I'm also wondering about Marvel Age. I don't remember seeing any of those that actually consist of comics. I have a few of these somewhere that I can look at, but perhaps someone already knows.

Mind you, I'm personally on the record as being OK with these comic-book-sized and comic-book-shaped titles being in the Comic Books category, perhaps with some additional designation. Their physical properties practically ensure that just about everyone will file and store them with comic books. But the editorial line at ComicBase has been that if they don't actually consist of comics, they don't go in the Comic Books category. I'm just looking at these for the sake of consistency.

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