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Can't submit new or corrected data. Is an active subscription required?

Samer Meshreki

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Getting the error message pop-up consistently whenever I attempt to submit new or corrected data:




Internet connection working properly... check

ComicBase is added as an allowed program on my firewall... (see below)




Do I need to have an active subscription to ComicBase in order to submit something?  My subscription expired.

Please advise.


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On 10/12/2022 at 4:59 PM, Mark J. Castaneda said:

CB2021 has been discontinued for awhile and isn't capable to reach our revised server configuration. You'll need to upgrade to CB2023 to send new or corrected data.

Mark I've got the newest database and still have this problem,have now for over 6 months don't seem to be no fix for it 

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What Edition and build number of CB2023 are you running? To check in the software for this info, just go to the Help Menu>About ComicBase

*A possible cause to the problem could be program blocking. If you have protection software like Norton, AVG, MacAfee, etc. (Or Firewall settings) they maybe blocking out CB from internet access; setup a program exception for CB if you have such a program.

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