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Adding New Books with Cover Scans and Title Descriptions

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I have been slowly adding all my hardcover books into inventory, and as of the latest content update it seems like all the titles now exist in CB as well.

Many of the books I've added did not exist in CB so I have been creating quite a few new titles and submitting them along with high-res cover scans, and while some of the cover scans appear in my collection report, most of them do not. I'm just wondering what the delay in adding the covers is if the new titles I am submitting are accepted. 

And along those same lines, when I submit new book titles I try to include a description from a source like Good Reads or from the publisher, but I am not sure if these descriptions are making the final cut. Do title descriptions need to be submitted by email, or are the accepted if you're submitting a brand new title?

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Any submission we process for a user will also include a cover if sent by the user. Covers are processed separately and each need to be reviewed. If you notice covers you've sent in aren't showing up; feel free to resend the submission.

Title descriptions are not processed as part of your submissions. They need to be emailed and approved by the editorial team.

NOTE: We get hundreds (maybe thousands) of submission daily so there can be delay at times processing users submissions.


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I suggested in an email once that the Description field should be made read-only or labeled in some way if it is ignored during the normal submission process. I wasted time writing a number of descriptions before learning that they went nowhere and then got wiped out when I did a content update. I still think this is a valid suggestion.

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