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Cover Inks vs. Cover Inker

Fred Slota

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The internal field is I.[CoverInker]

In the find window, the entry in the Fields dropdown box in the upper right is "Cover Inks", but properly fills in "I.[CoverInker]".

In the find window, the entry in the Find tool in the near upper left is "Item Fields | Cover Inks", but properly searches "I.[CoverInker]".


This confused me at first when I tried to type an Advanced Find based on what I saw in the above lists.

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These are 'alias' names (or whatever SQLite calls them).
They are useful when you want a different name for a column but you don't want to change the actual table name (and all the places it appears in the program).

There are several who's name in the Advanced Find Fields drop-down box are different that what shows up in the Where box.

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Except I don't think this is...


If the alias was working, shouldn't I be able to equally search for I.[CoverInker] and I.[CoverInks]?

I.[CoverInker] works, I.[CoverInks] does not.


If there's supposed to be an alias in this case, it doesn't appear to be working.

If there's no alias, I politely suggest that the wording in the list reflect the actual field.

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Almost everywhere, the program refers to the position as "Cover Inks".

When entering credits for an issue...



When looking at the credits for an issue...



In the Find Item Fields list...


Producing this search window...



And in the field selectin list for Advanced Find...



But the actual search field is...



I.[CoverInks] does not work as a search field.  Which is the phrasing reinforced by being universally used everywhere else in the program.



My suggestions - either add a functioning "CoverInks" alias, or change the above references from "Cover Inks" to "Cover Inker".



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