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KickStarter & low print run indy comics

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I was curious if anyone else has a lot of comics from independent sources with very low print runs?  I would love to hear any tips or hints at easy ways to handle them.  

I tend to just put in the most basic info with a publisher created from the creator's name and KickStarter in the notes field.

I've probably got 20 or 30 titles so far.



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I am sooo far behind on adding my indy comics.  There are at least 16 short boxes of comics I need to enter into ComicBase.  I've picked them up at a variety of sources where the majority are from Kickstarter, IndyPlanet, and comic conventions.   One of the reasons I am behind is that I want the cover added to the entry.  Getting the cover scanned and cleaned up is not a quick process for me.

Then there are the digital comics.  I never thought I would have that many since I don't care for reading comics in that format.  In my search for more indy comics, I realized there was a lot of interesting comics that didn't have a print run or had a very limited print run.  Plus it didn't hurt that I would rarely spend over $1 for a digital comic.  Wowio.com was a good source of digital comics until it shut down.

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