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Michael R. Wagner

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I wasn't sure of the correct size, either. I just cropped a picture to include what I wanted and ended up with a 405 x 467 150 dpi image.

That has a bit cut off from the bottom and possibly the right side, so I made sure the top of the head was as close to the top as I could go and centered.  It still cropped a little at/blow the chin but looked okay. At a guess, there may be a 400 x 400 part of the image being displayed.

Not sure if this helps or not.


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21 hours ago, Michael R. Wagner said:

Steven, I understand, but since I threw away the image and emptied the trashcan, I don't have the answer.  I offered the image size in hopes that might lead to some insight - apologies for sending you information you didn't need.  Thanks for the help.



I can't make any profile picture image fail for me.   Even my custom GIF i made years ago works for this forum's profile.   I'll blame Friday the 13th on your issues, even if it was yesterday the 12th.

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