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Variant Issuses using printing # have reset to 1st prints

Tim Schulte

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All of tCapture.JPG.2f57460971d52d9d235275f152bfc73a.JPGhe variants that I own have had the printing variation reset to first prints

so now it looks like I have 50 some of the same cover


I have had more problems with this new Comicsbase 2020 then I gave had in ALL of the older versions combined Build is V20.0.2.3641

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Do you have a recently dated backup that you can load into the software that doesn't have the problem?

Also, can you verify the build version you're using? I don't think there's a v20.0.2.3641  (v20.0.2.3162 is the current available version)


Anyone else have this trouble with the recent content update?

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No I do not have a recent backup, When went to open my backup they get/got converted to error version also.

I did more looking into it and it is about 90% of any 2nd and above printings show up as 1st prints

Oops  version is (bad typing)


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I'd suggest installing ComicBase 2017 and having a look at your original database. Do a File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists > Issue Information and confirm that your items are really there and listed as you expect. If, afterward, they somehow convert to being first printings, let us know and we'll have a look.

(My suspicion is that you may have somehow entered the -1, -2, etc. part into the issue number field directly, instead of  setting the printing number; if not, I'd definitely want to have a look at the database to see where things are going wrong for you).


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The 2017 database has the correct printing #'s.

I installed the 2020 version back in October (ish) I have been adding new issues & new titles  to the database, the AMS 3rd Series #1's were in the 2017 database file before update & correctly in the 2020 database for a while then I went to C2E2 picked up a missing variant (only 1 or 2 more to get them all) went to enter it and saw that  error, then I went to enter in the 2nd print of Detective Comics #660 that I got and noticed 1st, 2nd and 3rd printing were the same & did more checking to find even more 2nd, 3rd & 4th prints have the error as the Identity Crisis as shown above.

The only info I have added to the ASM series & Identity Crisis is qty in stock

You almost need to add a Variant issue # field instead of letters & different printings with as many variants that are coming out now.




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