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Batman #500 w/ Aparo, Austin & Moench autographs

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This is the regular non-enhanced issue:


and this is the enhanced cover:



Also, if the cover is already in the system, just having a signature should not make it a variant, COA or no COA. This is something I have said in the past and I think it really needs to be addressed again. Anyone can print a COA on their computer. If the cover is EXCLUSIVE to the signature then it would be a variant, but just a cover (Book) that has been signed, does not a variant make.

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Today (2/20/2021) I found my signed copy w/ the three autographs.  It's not a Dynamic Forces variant.  The back of the sealed bag says Beckett & Associates, 675 E. Big Beaver Rd, Troy MI  48083.  $4.99 is stamped on the front of the bag.  The barcode stamped on the bag is 728192951008.  It has the die-cut cover overlay with Batman swinging on the rope; the three autographs are on the half-cover.

I think this is a variant distinct from the other variants listed in the master db list.

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