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IDW Monthly Title Catalog

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I assume this is like Marvel Previews and DC Connect, a serialized solicitation that would be classified as a Magazine.  Any ideas where to find this?

I'm holding a February 2024 with a TMNT cover and UPC on the back of 82771403288800111, with no indicia I can find.

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There is a Magazine title:

'IDW Catalog' with Issues:
2008, 2010, Smr 2014, Fall 2014, WS 2014, Spr 2015, WS 2016, 2017, Smr 2018

and a Comic Book title:

'Summer Insider' with Issues:
2017, 2018

(NOTE: Based on the title, 'Summer Insider' should probably be moved to Magazine and possibly merged with 'IDW Catalog' (the SMR 2018 cover title is '2018 Summer Insider').

Not sure if the 2024 issue you have should be added to the Magazine Title 'IDW Catalog' or if a new one is needed.

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