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How do I get the mobile app to refresh so that the issues I added appear in the collection?

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After you add in the new things to your CB db, go the File Menu and pick the 'Collection Statistics' option. This will sync your basic db stats to your online account.

For newer reports for your collection:

-In ComicBase, pick a report style (ex: Collection Report) under the Reports Menu, pick your report options, and hit the 'Save to Web' to upload it to your online account

*ComicBase Sidekick can do this automatically for you through its 'Save to Cloud' option; take a look at your Sidekick settings (Schedule and Save to Cloud Tabs) to see if its setup for you already; you can tweak how often it uploads a new report and what reports will auto-upload for you.

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I used my phone app to load new purchases into the software but I cannot figure out how to update the software to show the purchases when I click on the Titles button at the top right of the program between the Left and Right arrows.  Can someone tell me how to do that? I saved the database, closed the program, restarted and still no update to that Titles section. When I choose Report/ Collection Report / Preview  I see the additions. But when I click or Report/ Collection Overview / Preview I don't.

I click the "Save to Web" button but that doesn't update the Titles either.

Why aren't there more explicit instructions on how to do these simple things? The IA is so not intuitive that it frustrates me so much every time I try to use it.

Thank you,

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If I follow what you are asking, then you are:

Scanning new purchases with the Mobile App. But when you open CB on your PC, you don't know how to get those purchases into the database.

Now, I have not done this but I believe you do this through Sidekick. Click on the "Check Now" button next to "Check for New Sales and Purchases".

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Not quite. I know how to scan on the app and then add new purchases. The problem is getting the purchases to show up in the Titles section located between the left and right arrows. That is how I am able to edit the quantities in my collection. Clicking Titles opens my collection up in a database format where I can update quantities, condition, etc. 

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Okay. Trying to think of some possibilities, if you click the folder Icon between the two arrows in the top right corner, and the Titles window has Show All Titles selected, and the Title is not showing up, then:

1) The Title may be in Books or Magazines (the Titles window will only show Titles for the type you are currently viewing. i.e. Books, Comic Books, or Magazines).

Try, in the Find box in the top center of the main window (making sure it is set to Title Name or Barcode), type in some of the Title you are looking for. This look in all types and not just the one being viewed. NOTE: If it is in a different type, it will be at the bottom of the suggestions listed.

or go to the different types (use the drop-down box in the top left corner to change the type being views) and use the Title window to search for the title.

2) You might try menu item File->File Tools and use Rebuild Lists, specifically Series Information and List of Owned Series.

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As of  today and for some unknown reason the last few months every time I try to get a current report to show on my mobile app ,(so I'm not buying duplicate comics) my mobile app will show that I did a update but it still reflects the old report and it hasn't changed in weeks and months I'm wondering if there's a way to go back, at my own option,  if I can do the old method of tagging my Comics inventory report and then just having a tab for the report to where I can look it up without having to deal with all the troubles I've been having with the mobile app ,before the mobile app came out ,which I am glad that it did, just bummed that it's not working like it should in my opinion, and I don't know why it's not working right,  I don't know if it's something in my phone or something in my program not sure what's going on. But basically every week I get the weekly updates then I save it to the cloud I know there's lag time for it to reflect in my mobile app with the new issues I added, however , I still show the same report even though the mobile app shows that I did an update it still shows the same report that I've had for months and I don't understand why that still has the old report reflecting. 

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