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ComicBase Free | Is Cover Art missing except for Issue 1?

George Azzi

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Hi All,

Good evening. Sorry for such a beginning question, but Is Cover Art missing except for Issue 1 in ComicBase Free version?

If not, how come I can only see the first issue? Tried adding several issues to my database but it still does not show artwork.

Thank you and note that I am using latest version (tried uninstall/reinstall to no avail).



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You are doing nothing wrong. Each edition of ComicBase comes with a different amount of covers.

Each addition has approximately: Archive Edition - 650,000, Professional - 50,000, Express - 5,000,

The Free Edition doesn't list the number of covers but I would think it would be 5,000 or (most likely) less than that.


You can scan and add your own covers (at least I think you should be able to in the Free version but I have never used it).

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The product page for Express explicitly lists a number of covers and the ability to add your own.  The product page for the Free version doesn't include any mention of those items, so my guess would be that Express does not allow you to add additional covers and that it will only display the issue #1's as you describe.  

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