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Add to Set... Error Message

Andrew d’Entremont

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Okay, I followed your steps and didn't get an error.

Select an Issue, right-click and select Add to Set... and I get the Sets window. Since I don't have any Sets, I would need to click on the "+ New Set" to create one.

Next I created a Set (Menu Items->Sets) and added an Issue to it and saved.

Did the steps again (select, right-click, Add to Set) and while I still did not get an error, this didn't work as I would have expected.

What happened is the Sets window opens again, sowing the one Set I have. I can go through the process of clicking Select and finding/selecting other Item #( s ) to the set but it does NOT try to add the original Selected Issue to that Set.  I would have expected the Selected Item # to be added to an existing Set or (more likely) to just select an existing Set to add it to.

So instead of Add to Set actually the Selected Item # to a Set (or letting you choose which Set to add to), it just bring up the Set window and you have to go find the Title/Item # to add.


Hope this helps some.


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