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Comicbook Express 2020

Jeff Beahn

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I will start with I haven't used Express and I don't sell on Atomic Avenue (AA). However, I would be shocked if there is a limit on posting to AA.  Express has no limit on the number of issues you own (unlike Free which stops at 500) so there shouldn't be a limit to posting.

Besides, since AA makes a little money on every transaction, so there should be ever reason to let you post as much as you want.

There is an AA forum here: https://forums.atomicavenue.com/index.php?ct=1575578833  where you might bet better response.

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Sometimes the AA server gets hung up and inventory doesn't update even though it appears to the user that the inventory update was successfully sent.  

You can try posting at the Atomic Avenue forum, but to be perfectly honest, response times over there can be slow (days to weeks or even longer).   I suggest sending a direct email to support@atomicavenue.com which in my experience typically results in a rapid reply.  

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