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Artist('s) Editions and Artisan Editions: Book or Comic?

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Can we get a definitive ruling on whether IDW's Artist Editions, Artist's Editions, Artisan Editions, and Artifact Editions (and similar books from other publishers) should be catalogued in the Book or Comics category?  

I *thought* that Pete indicated in one of the Livestreams that they should be considered Books (but I might be totally misremembering that).  The database currently has some of these listed as Comics and some of them listed as Books.  

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found YouTube reviews showing off some of these books and they look to be comic strip focused...looks like they should go into 'comics'

We'll be shifting any titles in 'books' over to 'comics' with the upcoming content update. If you notice any title we might have missed drop a message on this thread and we'll adjust.

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Difference of opinion, I guess. I have one of these for Elfquest but it reproduces the original art for the entire first 4 or 5 issues. In this case it would be in Comic books (as it reproduces the entire story).

For this one, it is just a 'pin-up' type of illustrations which happen to be covers. There is no story content.

This would be no different from any other 'art book' in the Books category.

But, HC can place it where ever they think best as it really doesn't matter to me. (just trying to keep straight the parameters which determine Book/Comic Book/Magazine type.)

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