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Incorrect publisher and date?

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Space: 34-24-34 is listed in the database as having been published by Topps Comics in 1996.  The entry for issue #1 says it was published in May 1976.  

Was this really published by Topps?  I am doubtful since the cover says it was published by MN Design Productions.  

Mycomicshop lists it as published in 1989 as does the GCD, which is obviously neither 1996 nor 1976.  

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I don't have a copy, but it's safe to say that even though Topps put out some GGA books, they never did anything that I can recall with live models.  Topps was also pretty consistent with getting their name on the cover.  Not only does "Topps" not appear on the cover but "MN Design Productions" is fairly prominent.  

I would have put it in the early to mid 90s for publication based on the $4.50 cover price but in looking for information on "Nova Girls" online, they appear to have been active from 1989-1990 so I'm think MN Design Productions in 1989.  

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