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Item Lookup for Books and Magazines

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How hard would it be to make Books and Magazines searchable in the app? Would it be possible to add something in the app which allows you to select which media type you want to search?

Right now the only method I can think of to make this work would be to create a different database for each media type and then switch to the relevant database before searching.



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On 1/25/2022 at 4:56 PM, Mark J. Castaneda said:

It's on the development table so users can search for items under those media categories on Atomic Avenue. No target date at the moment but it will be addressed in the coming weeks. I'll need to confirm if this will apply to mobile app as well.

Both the AA and the mobile app functions are pretty important, actually, especially as more items that were tracked in the original "single category" configuration of ComicBase get moved into the Magazine and Book categories.  

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