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  2. The cover shown in CB for the Battle Chasers Anthology basic paperback is actually the Spanish-language hardcover produced by Planeta DeAgostini. I don't have either in hand, so can't speak to whether the content is the same otherwise. My image folder has a "Bk 1" with the correct (but Preliminary) artwork for this issue. I'll let the CB team decide how best to represent these different issues in the database, but a higher-res cover image is attached below. Also for reference, this item currently listed on eBay gives a little more info for the Spanish-language version: https://www.ebay.com/itm/362438024547
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  4. Similarly, it looks like Mighty Marvel Western #33 has the same error. The cover price is 25 cents, but the database field shows 20 cents.
  5. I don't think that there is a 20 cent version of Mighty Marvel Western #32. The scan for that issue in the database shows 25 cents on the cover. I'm not finding any information about a 20 cent version for that issue. I think that this is a case where the cover price field is simply incorrect. So my recommendation would NOT be to create a new variant. Instead, go into the cover price field for that issue, make the correction, and then submit it.
  6. -if we went with MC2, question is it really mini-comic size? -if there's anything missing, we would refrain from assuming it really exists. There's the off chance it could be published under different title name which has happened before.
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  8. I since then created a new account to see if it was the accounts and it looks like something on the computers as previously specified by tech support. However, I have no idea what it could possibly be. I did also try all of your steps again and none worked. I will be emailing support and I will post what the result is as this is really crazy.
  9. Ah, I see I've just been overlooking them. I'll see to it that I include any that I stumble across in my cataloging then. Thanks!
  10. It may not be in the database. Here is what I would do: Select the Item # (high-light it). Right click and select Duplicate from the pop-up menu. Use the Variation drop-down box to select 'Variation A' Change the Cover Price to 25 cents. Add to the Notes, something like '20 cent price variant' Save the issue. Right-click (high-light) the new /A variant. Right-click and select "Submit New or Corrected Data' from the pop-up menu.
  11. Flipbooks with both sides of the cover are already allowed (and appreciated). The proper display is as it would look with the back/left side, upside down (as if you opened and spread the book out to see both sides). Example can be seen here: https://atomicavenue.com/issue/485872/Chip-N-Dale-Rescue-RangersDarkwing-Duck-FCBD-1 However, I have seen flipbook covers in CB where the back cover was cut/flipped/stitched back with the front cover so both are 'right-side' up. Example can be seen here: https://atomicavenue.com/issue/102511/Dark-Horse-Presents-Anl-2000 Someone at HC may comment on which is the 'correct' method (either one or both).
  12. Hello- I have a near-mint issue of Mighty Marvel Western (featuring Rawhide Kid Matt Slade Two-Gun Kid. Issue number 32/June My cover has a price of 25 cents. The CB database shows Issue 32 as 20 cents/July 1974. Please advise , what is the correct info/where can I find this? Have checked indicia info and searched as many ways as I could, but no success. Thanks for your help. Best regards, Pat
  13. I have done all of that at least 1 time. I have now done all of this on all 3 computers. I now have tried this on a 4th computer that someone else owns who lives in a different state who just downloaded the software for the first time and none of these changes worked. When I told tech support that I did these things they said: "We have many other people using the free version with no problems. I guarantee if you buy a new computer with windows 10 on it then it will work. It has something to do with your local settings. Because you have the free version that is all I can help you with." Not sure where to go from here but I will try one more time and post an update.
  14. As I've been going through and entering comics lately, I've been making a point of scanning and submitting the full layout of wraparound and gatefold covers so that they may be appreciated in all their glory rather than just seeing the one front cover panel as it appears when bagged and boarded. I'm wondering, is there similar value, and would the community like to see full "Flipbook" covers as well? I'm not referring to those where the back cover is just a pin-up, but those where there is a full separate cover with issue number and pricing that can be seen by "flipping" the book over. In some cases, these are for back-up stories, or in others (like the Archer and Armstrong / Eternal Warrior #8 below), each side of the flipbook is part of the regularly-numbered series, so that you would need two copies of the same book to complete runs of both titles. Bottom line: would anyone like to see both sides of a flipbook displayed as the image for that issue (when full front/back cover scans are available), or would it just confuse things further? Or is this already being done, and I have simply overlooked it?
  15. Hi Robert, Make sure you've got the _very_ latest build, and that you explicitly select your media folder under Manage Pictures and Movies again -- previous builds had trouble when the media folder was at the root level of a hard drive (still not a good practice--should always be in a subfolder) -Pete
  16. -make sure you're using the latest version of CB Free. If you're not sure if you got the latest version, you can always download/install it again from our website as its been recently updated. -next, change/update your password online here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/ChangePassword.aspx *password requirements: at least 6 characters in length, include at least 1 number and 1 capped letter, don't use the # character -lastly, launch the software and update your login credentials (internet menu>login information). -see if you're able to post items for sale on AA. if you still have trouble, contact our support team directly at support@comicbase.com
  17. Mark, you may need to re-apply the update. Hold the SHIFT key down while kicking off the update until it actually starts and you'll be asked if you want to re-apply the update. It should pick up everything this time.
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  19. I.[Title] like '%spider%' and I.[Storylines] = 'When Strikes Octopus!!' Backstory I was changing the value in the Box#(custom field one) for Spectacular Spider-Man, The when i do this i download all covers. In one of the first screen shots I posted issues 286/B caught my eye since there was 8+ records for the same issues #, based on the limited responses I am the only one that has it. I simplest thing to do is just delete them and go on with life, then i saw that the other data elements where different. So i got a wild hair and thought lets search on Storyline limited to titles with spider in title and see what pops. When i do the Advance search it pulls three(3) records from the DB the two you stated and the third one 286/B. I can't say over the last 10+yrs i have never inserted (added) a comic book, but i can say if i have you could count them on one hand. Again the easiest thing for me is to just delete these false records, and go on with life, but this would not help you and the product out. Thanks
  20. I am currently using the free version of Comicbase. I have been for a while and have not changed any settings on my computer and all of a sudden now comicbase will not upload any comics to the Atomic Ave. I have installed comicbase now on 3 different laptops all running windows 10 and one of them has a new version of windows 10 on it. Each one gives me the same result. I put in the credentials, I hit update (using 2021 version), I then hit post and when I do it asks for my login details again. When I hit login the software just does nothing else. I decided to try to use an older version of comicbase (version 14 or 15) and it at least gives me the error that the id or password is incorrect or unrecognized. This can only mean that comicbase is not connecting to the server but I don't know what could be stopping it. I have an exception in the firewall for comicbase and I am only using windows firewall. Even if I turn the windows defender off it still does not work. I don't have any other antivirus or firewalls on the computer. I am really at a loss here and tech support has only been unhelpful. Can someone please help me?
  21. For deletions, the best bet would be to either email support or post on these boards. The correction submission function from your database doesn't really handle deletions... and deletions often require some sort of explanation anyway, so best to do that via email or public board posting. Generally speaking, go ahead and create the entry in CB and submit. But, if you are entering something that is complicated for some reason, then posting to the boards can generate some helpful discussion. Also, if you can't find a fairly common title, it might be best to post on the boards for assistance before you create an entry. Hypothetical example: you can't find the 1970's Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man series... posting on the boards will result in somebody pointing out that the title is already in the database as Spectacular Spider-Man, The. Usually the reason behind that occurrence is that the existing cover file is larger than the cover file that you want to upload. The fix is to email the cover to support. Good rule of thumb: if the thing that needs correcting is complex and/or nuanced, please post on the boards! Even though these boards aren't necessarily a high traffic location on the interwebs, there is a pretty good pool of expertise here (from both HC and from CB users) that things often get sorted out pretty quickly. 😁
  22. @Lance Fittro You read my mind Lance. I have the same exact questions as you when I "Submit New or Corrected Data" in CB. It would great if @Peter R. Bickford answered these questions.
  23. It would be interesting (to me at least) to have a better understanding of how database corrections are processed when they are submitted through CB via the "Submit New or Corrected Data" feature. Filling in an empty field seems pretty straightforward, but what if the correction is deleting duplicate or extraneous information? If someone thinks they have found a new title, is it appropriate to create an entry in CB first and submit it that way, or would that be better for the message board? How much headache do I cause when I upload a correction, immediately realize that I left something out or spelled something incorrectly, and then upload a corrected correction? What happens when I am trying to submit a corrected or larger cover image without any other data changes, and the CB software doesn't ask me for my cover? Did I just submit a "correction" that matches the master database 100%, and does that cause any confusion? Even if not, what is the best way then to get that cover-only correction to the team? I think having a better idea of how the corrections are processed or compared against the master database could help users decide whether it's best to submit something through CB, take it to the message board, or send a direct e-mail, and do so with the minimum amount of confusion for the CB team having to figure out the intent of the user while wading through multiple and duplicate submissions.
  24. Is there a way through the CB software to submit JUST a cover correction? I love the simplicity of filling in missing creator information, adding a cover image where there is none, and submitting it all with a couple of clicks of the mouse. However, if I am simply correcting a cover image (example: submitting a 1970s Gold Key cover for an issue where the Whitman edition is showing for the standard cover), the only way to get the CB software to send the image appears to be if the corrected image is larger than the current image on file. In most cases, this works out fine, as I can just scan the corrected cover image at a higher resolution. But there are some instances where the image on file must be huge (I am an Archive user, so may not be able to download the highest-res images that the 4k users get), because I cannot get the software to upload the corrected image through the "Submit New or Corrected Data" option. I could always send an e-mail with corrected images attached, but it would seem more straightforward (and might save the corrections team time? I don't know how that workflow operates, which might in itself be an interesting topic for Pete's livestream) if there were a simple "Submit New/Corrected Cover" option just below the "Submit New or Corrected Data" that would allow cover corrections to be uploaded on their own, regardless of whether any other data corrections are being made, or whether the corrected image is larger than the one on file. While I'm thinking of it, is there a way to see what the maximum resolution of the master database image on file is? Most of the Archive Edition cover images appear to be resized to be around 1000 pixels in height at most. There are times when I'm entering new comics that it would be relatively easy for me to scan and provide a 300 dpi cover to send and upgrade the master database image, but don't necessarily need a larger scan for my own purposes. If the image size that comes with my Archive Edition is only 500 pixels in height, it's obvious that a larger scan would benefit everyone, and is therefore worth the effort to scan and submit a higher-resolution cover image. If the master database already has a super-high-res image though, and I don't necessarily need one myself, I'd rather spend my time hunting other missing information or covers rather than duplicating efforts. Thanks!
  25. I just looked at the update and see that Red Sonja: The Superpowers #1 has seen some changes since I submitted it. There are currently 31 variants of this book and I am confident that there are at least an additional 5 variants but I'm still working to confirm them. I used the Variation A, Printing X system to enter them because I knew of 28 variants when I started and none of those include the so called "CGC Covers" that are included in the update. Unlike Dynamic Forces, there is no such thing as a CGC variant. This is a regular copy of the book that has been graded, it's an option for ordering but is not an actual variant.
  26. You have either the wrong picture or the wrong store info for the 19th printing You have the picture of the Granite City Comics variant with the Midtown comics description. I did create and submit 1-X-44 as the granite city listing (with bar code) because I don't know which is easier changing the description or the picture Tim Granite City Comics
  27. must just be mine then,when you press see whats new,all its shows is the list of updated covers
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