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  1. We have another title called Fantastic Four, The (Paperback) where #Bk 3 seems to be the same as Fantastic Four, The (Pocket Books) #Bk 1. Seems like there's a duplicate listing here, would this mean don't even bother keeping Fantastic Four, The (Pocket Books) #Bk 1?
  2. Just a heads up that this week's content update will available Friday 9-22-2023. Our shipment of new comics came much later in the week than usual causing a delay.
  3. Marvel Editorial isn't doing their job here... they should have noted the issues as #2. We'll add it in under the 6th series, to be safe we'll note it as #2023 since we already have #1 listed under the title.
  4. I'm a bit confused... Can someone clarify what needs to be tweaked and/or deleted with this post?
  5. The YouTube link i noted above talks about other possible problems and solutions to try out.
  6. Here's a video overview of the picture installation phase you're at (what the process entails and what could possibly be problematic that you might want take a look at on your computer):
  7. How's your internet download speed? We talked to one user with the same problem and found out his internet speed was very low. TIPS that could help -if you have software security (ex: Norton, MacAfee, etc.); make sure you allow ComicBase internet access. -rate your current download speed: Visit speedtest.net to see what it is. -if its too low, a simple thing could be just to restart your internet router then retest the speed. If the speed is better, re-try to install the pictures for the software -if that doesn't work and your speed is too low, contact your internet service provider for additional help.
  8. thanks for the heads up. i'll let the editorial team know to look into these.
  9. we're not finding any evidence there's just a gold foil version that actually exists. We will remove 0/A and keep O/GO (Gold Foil Signed Edition)
  10. note the History Icon only lets you see older searches in your current session in the software
  11. I was thinking of just creating a title called Marvel Age 1,000
  12. We'll go ahead and delete the entries you mentioned. If you haven't already, can you send in submissions for the others mention in this new thread post?
  13. i'll notify the editorial team to take a glance with your edit notes in mind
  14. I'll notify our editorial team to add it to the upcoming content update.
  15. the asterisk in that title is an editorial decision We crossed referenced against amazon and it looks like that Tolkien book is described as a Graphic Novel. If someone owns it to verify the contents that would be helpful to know if we indexed it in the proper media category.
  16. Chasing down the Signed Edition cover scan on the internet seems to have stumped our Editorial team for now. Not sure we believe the solicitation cover which was the other cover is the legit.
  17. W. Steel - we noticed your initial submission and modified to #1/HC. Thanks for the contribution
  18. I don't think the cover we have currently is correct since it was used for solicitation ordering. The cover you got is probably the correct cover for HC
  19. i'm for keeping everything where they are and use of the "Item Title" field and/or Notes field to explain what each are if necessary
  20. the question we ask initial is what is the most common name people know them as. With these 2, its just Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
  21. In the case of this creator, the name is listed so many ways it gets confusing. We've decided to list her as Lesley “Leirix” Li
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