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  1. A user submission created the Hellboy (Pocket Books) title. Sounds like they were wrong to list it the way its set up currently. Best thing would be to delete the title then create separate titles for what you noted. Expect to see the changes in our next content update.
  2. Programming team had to restart Jimmy last night so there's a batch of users reports that need to get processed. Check back in a hour (maybe 2) and see if yours shows up.
  3. We'll notify the programming team to take look at it.
  4. seems to working okay for me when i exit either by File Menu>Exit OR hitting the X button at the top-right of the main interface window. You exiting one of those 2 ways? And what edition are you running...Archive, Professional or Express?
  5. If the back you have is in the old .cba format; it should be convertable with CB2021
  6. let me draft out what we're thinking for these... Example for Cover A: -The notes for these should be look something like "Remastered Edition Cover A; includes supplement book"; item number should be set to #10-A -if there's a gold cover for this Cover A; then set the item number to #10-A-2; notes should state "Remastered Edition Gold Cover A; includes supplement book" -the rest of the variants would follow this pattern Thoughts? *for the supplement book not sure what to set this as just yet; we don't think 'ashcan' is a good fit. How would you describe the conten
  7. thanks for the heads up. we'll fixed the typos
  8. the issue and the supplement book are 2 separate items?
  9. When you get your copy, peek through the book and verify the info that's claimed in the weblink you provided. Also curious what the indicia will officially state the title/issue as too.
  10. really strange... these mention images don't appear in the publisher folders our master database uses when pushing content updates. I'll report it to the programming team.
  11. Are you getting a copy for yourself? Would like to confirm all the things they claim before we decide on how to approach indexing them.
  12. thanks Michael. If there are any issues we missed, please send them in (internet menu>send new or corrected data)
  13. ugh... not finding any online replacements we can swap in. Any users out there that can provide fresh (watermark-free) scans of the mentioned covers?
  14. Working for me when i try... what are your exact steps so we can replicate how its going for you? also, are you using our latest build for CB2021 ( If you're running an older build, you get the latest build by downloading the revised CB2021 program installer from your online account: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  15. things should be working now... try using the 'save to cloud' option now through Sidekick.
  16. ill mention to the programming team to get a closer look at what's going on.
  17. we'll get clarification from the user who submitted them to us.
  18. tested with the latest CB2021 Express build and don't get any trouble sending corrections. You can get it here if you're running an older version: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx firewall settings and/or protection software like Norton would be things to check if ComicBase has a program exception so it can have internet access (which sounds like you might have already checked). if you're on any kind of business connection where your employer controls your internet that might be a cause. Look at your modem/router; there could be a setting at play that could be b
  19. I forgot to ask.. you're running the latest version of the ComicBase Mobile App. We recently released a new version which should be in available in the app store. See if it helps.
  20. what's the ratio of comics strips vs text for the books?
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