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  1. Hey Steve, -Cancel the installation -if you have any kind of Anti-Virus/Security software (ex: Norton, MacAfee, etc.), turn it off temporarily. Programs like these can sometimes block full installs or uninstalls. -uninstall the current version of CB2020 Pro you have on your computer through your Windows Settings>App List -install the revised CB2020 Pro installer and see if you get further through the process. If you still have trouble, please contact us at support@comicbase.com OR 408-266-6883
  2. 1st, download the revised CB2020 program installer (v3804) as it addresses few bug fixes from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx if that doesn't help, take a look are your current Windows Display settings; you may have to adjust the scaling down so all the elements of the interface show on screen.
  3. not able to replicate with the settings you picked...gonna notify our programming team and see what they can advise for you.
  4. Also, can you screenshot the options you picked in the Print Window?
  5. I'll notify our programming team of your trouble and see if they can advise a solution. What version of Windows are you using btw?
  6. thanks for sharing. We'll forward them up to our dev team for review/consideration
  7. Hi Roberto, Try to post again and see if they show up within a 30 minute window. If nothing shows up, please email our support team at support@comicbase.com with details such as your User ID and when the last time you tried to post.
  8. Try these steps: -quit out of ComicBase if it's currently open -head to your online account here and download/install the revised CB2020 program installer (v20.0.3): https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx * if you have any kind of software security program running like McAfee or Norton, you may need to turn it off temporarily before you install the program installer so it can be fully installed. *additional help for installing can be found here if needed: If you still have trouble, please e-mail our support team directly at support@comicbase.com
  9. Hi Scott, We will be discontinuing content update support some time this year for CB2017. Any renewal you purchase now will be applied to the new CB2020 version. CB2020 will do a format conversion since it uses a new db format but its a 1-time conversion for a database.
  10. Every now and then we get folks who aren't very tech savvy who need help downloading & installing the latest ComicBase program installer. Here's a easy walk-through. 1) first, head to your ComicBase Registrations page here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx 2) On the Registrations page, click on the green download button for the ComicBase version you're trying to update which will take you to Download links page (for Express Edition users, the installer will simply start downloading to your computer): 3) On the Download Links webpage, look for the ComicBase Program Installer (usually listed at the very top of the page) and click on the blue link. Some browsers will auto-download the installer file when the link is clicked on; if you're browser gives you either the 'Run' or 'Save' options, click on the 'Save' option to download the installer. 4) When the installer completely downloads, your browser may give you the option to 'Run' or 'Open' the installer; go ahead and click on it to start the installer process. *If you don't get either of those options from your browser, manually browse to your Windows 'Downloads' folder and see if the file is there (its usually the newest thing added to the folder if you sort the files in the Downloads folder by date). Once you located the installer just double-click on it to start it up. 5) As you start up the installer, this window will present itself. Don't worry about the setup path highlighted in blue. Just apply the Check-mark for the "I agree to the License and Terms" option then press the Install button 6) Windows will usually bring up this window next, simply click on the Yes button 7) The installation process will continue you on. If this window pops-up, simply click on the first option pictured below and click the OK button to continue installation. Finally, when installation is complete, you see this window. At this point hit the Finish button and you can startup ComicBase again and program will be fully updated.
  11. I can't seem to replicate the problem. I'm getting a cover every time i want to download if i don't have it already. Give Pete a call at 408-266-6883 ext 403; i mentioned this to him and he's willing to work with you over the phone to get the trouble addressed.
  12. Hey Michael, is the problem 100% reproducible? Can you describe the precise steps we can preform to replicate the trouble?
  13. File Menu>Install Pictures and Movies on the next window that pops up, click on the folder icon next the folder path to set a new path to your Pictures folder
  14. if you do a Notes search for Free Comic Book Day 2020 you should get a list off all the releases we're aware of.
  15. are the issues under Cavalcade of Boys need to converted to books rather than regular issues?
  16. Click the Find drop-down and re-select "Title Name of Barcode" - that can re-establish the search parameters you wish to use.
  17. You'll have to tinker with your Windows display settings (resolution); most likely bump up the display percentage
  18. we can't change the name at this point; it would screw up users inventory.
  19. If you can email us at support@comicbase.com & describe (or screenshot) the Print options you selected and also include a pic of how the labels look when they print out that would be helpful for us to see what you're running into.
  20. if you haven't already, you'll want to hit 'Yes' to fix the problem the software has found. If you need further tech support, please email us at support@comicbase.com
  21. make sure you're using our revised CB2020 program installer (v20.0.2.3663) that you can download/install from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx *be sure to turn off any software protection programs like Norton or MacAfee before you run the installer as they can sometimes block a full installation. If you still have trouble, please email us at support@comicbase.com for more immediate response from our tech support team.
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