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  1. do you happen to know your current Windows display resolution? And, do you have any kind of advance scaling set too? Screenshot these settings if you can.
  2. try out the revised CB2021 program installer now available here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  3. Our programming team has been addressing reporting issues these last couple of days resulting in a backlog. Our processor is crunching through them as we speak... ALSO, there is a revised CB2021 build (v21.0.1.1594) now available that addresses reporting issues. Download it from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  4. Set the issue number as 500/C. Be sure to include the COA info in the notes field. Send in a correction for it - we'll be on the look out for it.
  5. If you haven't tried already, download/install the revised CB2021 program installer from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx give your computer a restart afterwards and see if you have the same trouble. *Also, if you have any protection software like Norton, MacAfee, Malwarebtyes, etc. - you may need to setup an application exclusion/exception so ComicBase can have internet access.
  6. Sales data is collected for Atomic Avenue and from Heritage. If you ever notice a price for a listing in the database that should be looked into, use the 'Request Price Check' option under ComicBase's internet menu; our editorial team will look into it further and adjust if needed.
  7. our upcoming content update this week will include 2nd printings for a few Future State titles. in general, the initial monthly solicitation data we get from Diamond or Lunar usually doesn't include later printings. This can sometimes cause them to get into our master database later (past release day). *You're than welcome to add in a later printing if you don't see it listed; just be sure to set the appropriate 'printing' number for the issue you add in.
  8. things to try: -Download the latest CB2021 installer (v21.0.1.1570) -give your computer a full restart then try to start up ComicBase again. If you have the same problem, refer to your most recently dated backup and try to load it into ComicBase. Keep any eye on the software as it starts up, if there's a particular start up operation that gives you trouble, take note of it and contact us directly at support@comicbase.com
  9. ok... i'm sure he'll looking into it then. I'll bring it up in our next conference call.
  10. our team was doing weekend work on our server that may have caused the trouble. Ran a test update this morning through Sidekick and everything looks to be working ok. Try to update again via Sidekick. If you still have trouble, screenshot where it gets stuck for you and email our team directly at support@comicbase.com; they'll look further into the trouble if necessary.
  11. This particular new feature only works with CB2021 (doesn't account for past updates with older versions of CB); how many times have you updated with CB2021, specifically the database you are using currently in the software?
  12. The title name may already exist. You might have to mod it to Ultimate X-Men (DK)
  13. the way these particular variants are set in your database don't match ours... on our side, we have #1/L as the Jungle Green Premium Cover by J. Scott Campbell and #1-M as the Blank Authenticity Cover. *our sister site Atomic Avenue has the entire run of issues and how all the variants are currently set in our master database; use it to compare and adjust if needed: Sheena (Dynamite) comic books from Dynamite (atomicavenue.com)
  14. Make sure you've downloaded/installed the latest version for CB2021 from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb//Registrations.aspx Things to try: -you can try to reset the scanner to factory settings then go through the Expert Setup off the setup guide. -print a new ID label just in case something about the comic has changed then try to scan with the scanner. -the ID labels are unique to the database they were created from. If you happen to scan the label into a different database, it won't work right. Is this the case for you? If you still ha
  15. All our data for Dynamite future releases come from Diamond solicitations. The variants they provided to Diamond also isn't always organized in a way the cover gallery might state inside the printed issue. Another problem is that they don't get all the variant cover info for a given issue like store variants, convention variants, etc. We typically learn of a issue's complete cover gallery on its release day when we have a physical copy to reference and/or a user sends us a correction for a variant we don't know about.
  16. you can also search by entering the barcode full number off the cover into the Find field at the top of the interface (75960605544904411) - you should be routed to that issue listing in the database when you do this.
  17. thanks for spotting these... we'll get them tweaked
  18. Store variants and online store variants are tricky for us because our solicitation data mainly comes from Diamond and Lunar distribution who don't care them. Thank goodness for our user community who send in data for variants we aren't aware of. Unfortunately, we can have users assign different store variants than others possibly messing up what you might have set yourself for a variant. Not sure there's a good way to get around this, you might want to email support@comicbase.com about a store variant you might have assigned just so we know not override it if a different store varia
  19. Uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn't do anything to resolve what you're trying to do (if i understand you correctly)... my previous reply with the video link where Pete discusses how to currency change your db in the software not work for you? Are you confused at a certain point? what region/language setting is your Windows OS set to by the way?
  20. I think you meant issue #9. We'll take a look at it.
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