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  1. thanks for the heads up.... will notify the tech team
  2. i'll let our programming team know. thanks for spotting the problem
  3. Thanks for the info, i'll inform the editorial team to look further into the series. If you have any weblinks to assist with our research, please post them in this thread.
  4. 1000V33 is wrong on our end but we'll fix with the upcoming content update. 1000/O and 1000/P should be present in your database if its fully updated. Should look like so:
  5. i'm also curious if #3 and #4 when they come out will have the same print quality. Maybe #2 was an exception.
  6. You make good points Fred... if you want to note it in the notes field and submit it as a correction, we'll accept it. Is 'plain paper' the term to use for the notation? Doesn't sound quite right to my ears.
  7. Do a full uninstall of ComicBase (your CB edition and the CB resources listing from App list). Be sure to download the latest CB2022 program installer from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx turn of temporarily any kind of software security (ex: Norton, MacAfee, etc.) as they can sometimes block a full install of the software reinstall the software restart your computer, launch Sidekick and see if you have the same trouble *TIP: In Sidekick's settings under the General Tab, make sure your working database is listed and is being drawn from a valid folder path. Errors can occur if the database listed in the db list has a invalid path. Use the plus or minus buttons within this tab to edit if needed.
  8. heard this issue used thinner paper than usual. Greg's correct, we wouldn't track the paper quality in the master database (feel free to do so in your database if you wish).
  9. Unfortunately, you'll have to manually adjust any owned variants under the old variant format to the current for these big variant issue releases (variants past the letter Z). Use AtomicAvenue.com as reference; look up a title/issue on their website and see what the variants are set to as they use ComicBase master database's current listings. In the case of Action Comics #1000 variants, check out the current set variants here: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/series/5427/1/Action-Comics (page 12) You'll have to do this same approach for other titles that have this problem.
  10. If you're using CB2022, you're running the latest build ( If not, download/install it from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx If that doesn't work; please screenshot you're selling settings so we can have a look what you got set.
  11. With thousands of corrections coming in daily this can missed. We'll adjust again. *I doubt the user who sent it in is reading this thread but if you are... STOP SENDING THESE IN UNDER COMIC BOOKS!
  12. Internet Menu>Sell - there are discount options you can use for you selling on AA
  13. topics such as this should be posted under 'Content and Corrections' as for the issue you're trying to scan in... what's the barcode number for the comic? Can you provide a cover scan of the cover you have?
  14. mentioned your initial trouble awhile back to our programming team and with your latest post we still don't know what could be causing the problem without 100% reproducible steps. What was the condition of the comic before it got switched to NM?
  15. For CB2022, we're now on Build 1613 which you can download from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx see if you have the same trouble. BTW, the scanner you use is a model we sell?
  16. Hi Ronald, looking closer at your account, it doesn't look that you have linked your database that you use in ComicBase to your online account yet so you can add things to it (or view upload reports) through the mobile app. To do this, launch the ComicBase software, go to the File Menu>Collection Statistics; this step will do 2 things: give you your overall collection stats AND on the backend link your database to your online account/mobile app. Next time you restart the mobile app, you should see a database linked to it so you can add to it going forward. *To sync your mobile additions to your database, launch the ComicBase software, go the Internet Menu>Check for Sale and Purchases.
  17. Hey Jeff, can you email our support team so they can look into it further for you? Please include info on the following (screenshots too if possible). -selected report settings -Wanted report sample page the way it looks outside of Save to Web (Printed or Preview) -Wanted report sample page in Save to Web format
  18. Don't expect to have a livestream this week (3/16/2022)
  19. I'll mention it's missing to the programming team. Good catch.
  20. The 3 books within the deluxe set have to relation to #1 and #2 of Lost Girls? New stories only available in the deluxe set?
  21. the contents within are mainly comic strip pages?
  22. worth letting Pete know in your own words about what you're noticing on Slack.
  23. thanks for the info. we'll adjust accordingly.
  24. This item must have come in through a user submission with not much info behind it; probably why it got spun into its own title. I'll notify the editorial team to look further into it. If anyone has more info to provide on the books within the deluxe set (Lost Girls Dlx 1/HC), please email us at support@comicbase.com. thanks.
  25. We'll have the Editorial team investigate the series. In the future, use the 'Request Price check option' under the software's internet menu if you see any comic that needs to be looked at - its allows our editorial team to address them much faster.
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