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  1. I am having the same trouble (again). In the past, around the start of Feb this year, when I had the problem, I delete the ComicBase Settings.ini file, let CB recreated it and it started to make backups again. However, when I looked now the last back up was on Feb 22, 2020. So it lasted about 2-3 weeks. I have downloaded the latest version (3173) and I still am not getting backups. I have tried deleting the ComicBase Settings.ini file and letting CB recreated it (and then changing preferences to the correct Backup location) and it still is not creating backups. While doing this have have made changes to the database which should have made it create backups but it isn't.
  2. Rename 1-HC.jpg to Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\B.P.R.D.- 1946-1948
  3. Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\J\John Wiley & Sons\Batman and Philosophy- The Dark Knight of the Soul (moved from Comic Books to Books) Delete or Move All (1.jpg - 3.jpg) From: Pictures\A\Action Lab\Adventure Finders- Edge of Empire To: Pictures\A\Action Lab\Adventure Finders (Vol. 2) Delete or Move 1-C.jpg From: Pictures\A\Aftershock\Godkillers, The To: Pictures\A\Aftershock\Godkillers Rename Bk 1-2.jpg to Bk 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\F\First\Jon Sable, Freelance
  4. There appears to be two covers for The X-Files (Topps) #-2 Lone Star comics ( https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=163961 ) list them as 'Pink' and Gray logos. The Comic Book Realm ( https://comicbookrealm.com/series/10706/122503/the-x-files-issue-2/1 ) lists them as American Entertainment Special 'Red' logo and American Entertainment Variant Gray logo. The Grand Comics Database ( https://www.comics.org/issue/899211/ ) have them as 'Black' Logo and 'Red' logo. I think there are only 2. The Pink/Red are probably the same just different scans affected the Hue. The Gray/Black are probably the same with the Black being a bad scan that didn't pick up the dark Gray logo. The Red appears to be the main issue and the Gray appears to be the variant.
  5. Title Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul (John Wiley & Sons, 2008) in Comic Books should be moved to Books. This is a text book with no artwork.
  6. Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 3.jpg) From: Pictures\Y\Yen\Durarara Saika To: Pictures\Y\Yen\Durarara!! Saika Arc Rename 1-A.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman- The Caped Crusader Giant
  7. Ms is not an abbreviation for Miss. Miss is an abbreviation for Mistress. Ms is just Ms and was create in the 1950's to indicate either a married or unmarried woman. Granted Mrs should probably sort as Missus.
  8. The last thing I can suggest is to rename the Preferences and/or Settings files. (Renaming instead of deleting allows you to rename them back if you want/need). By default they are located in: C:\Users\<your-logon-id>\AppData\Roaming\Human Computing\ComicBase ComicBase Preferences.ini ComicBase Settings.ini. With CB NOT open, rename one or both of these (I normally just and .xyz to the end but whatever you like). When you open CB, it should recreate the files. Try settting the Custom Field names and see if it works. If it does, great. If not, you will need HC help.
  9. Have you checked in the Books view? This is where Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is located. And I have Issue TPB 49/A in my database. As far as I can tell, AA can't display Books (or Magazines). The fact it is showing Overstreet (with errors) indicates there is, indeed, something wrong with its display in AA.
  10. Not sure. I have the Archive Edition v20.0.1.2966 and I just changed one of the Custom Check boxes and the name stayed. If you have an earlier version, you might try downloading the latest and trying again. If not, there might be something wrong with your preference and/or Settings files (permissions?).
  11. Since the Find results are now in a Grid format (instead of a separate window with CB 2017), the Print option doesn't exist. What you can do is high-light the grid column cells, and copy/paste the information somewhere else (Excel, Notepad, etc.) and then format (if needed) and print from there.
  12. You can use menu item Setup-Custom Fields to change the names.
  13. Rename 8-HC.jpg to 8.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman- The Dark Knight Archives Rename 1.jpg to 1-A.jpg 1-A.jpg to 1-B.jpg 1-B.jpg to 1-C.jpg 1-C.jpg to 1-D.jpg From: Pictures\L\Lightning\Hellina- Naked Desire
  14. I don't run reports much but the Collection report, Items Checklist and Price Lists all have the option to include any or all of the Custom columns on it.
  15. The option is on the window that opens when you do the weekly update. This is what the Archive edition looks like. Express may be a little different.
  16. You can use another column but it may be overwritten by an update. One possibility is the Notes column and then check the box to Lock Items Notes which won't allow the update to add to existing information. Not sure of you disk space, but my picture folder takes up 56.5 GB of space. I have the Archive Edition. The Professional Edition only have a tenth as many covers and would take up about 5 GB. That isn't really a lot of space but it depends on your computer drive and how much space you have. = = = = = = Not sure why or what you mean about not saving. It is either there or it isn't. The only thing that should delete anything is you or the update process (but only if you don't own an Issue (qty >= 1 for an Issue)). If you have a Title and you want to add an issue, click on the + of the + / - button in the lower right corner in the top part of the display. This will open a window with the next number issue. You can fill out / change what you like then click the Save button. If you need to add a new Title (or Issue), you can use CTRL + N, menu item Items->New Comic Books or Items->New->Comic Comic Book (or Book or Magazine). First it will ask for a Title (either a new Title or an existing Title), then it will go to the New Issue window.
  17. Delete or Move FCBD 2018.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fifth Avenue\Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival Adventure (A2CAF) To: Pictures\F\Fifth Avenue\Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival (A2CAF) Delete or Rename 2017.jpg to TPB 2017.jpg, 2018.jpg to TPB 2018.jpg & 2019.jpg to TPB 2019.jpg then Move From: Pictures\D\DC\D\DC Essential Graphic Novels To: Pictures\D\DC\D\DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronology Rename 1.jpg to Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\A\Aquaman- Death of a Prince
  18. What Edition of ComicBase do you have? The Express Edition does not have Custom columns. The Professional Edition (and Higher) do have Custom columns (4 text, 2 date, and 3 check boxes)
  19. Oh, one more thing. The Conversion to CB 2020 only READS the CB 2017 database. It does not change it (just copies information into the CB 2020 database). So if something doesn't look right, you can try again.
  20. Yes, one of the CB 2017 databases (or backups). The most current would be the best. I believe the default database location is: C:\Users\(your-logon-id)\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases. It would be easiest if you unzipped and copied the CB 2017 Database (or backup) there.
  21. Gary, of your two issues, #1 may be possible depending on what you mean and how you want to use it. If you press and hold the Alt key when you exit CB, it will not make a backup. You just have to hold it long enough for CB to completely close. This doesn't change any settings and you have to do it each time you exit CB and don't want to make a backup.
  22. Delete or Move HC 1.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Marvel Masterworks Pin-Up To: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Marvel Masterworks Pin-Ups Rename TBP.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\D\DK\DC Comics Year by Year- A Visual Chronicle
  23. Are these posts to the new forum here or the old forum? If they are the old forum, they can be accessed using the Forum Archive tab at the top of the screen. There is also a new Atomic Avenue forum here: https://forums.atomicavenue.com/index.php?ct=1575578833
  24. If it helps, you can have CB 2017 and CB 2020 both installed at the same time. You can even run them at the same time. However, if you reinstall CB 2020, it will uninstall CB 2017.
  25. When you type the one letter, what is it and what shows up in the list?
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