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2022 Advanced Find Item Description

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Can you explain your steps?  I just found a potential bug.

If you are in type Books when you open Advanced Find, Item Description will show up.

However, If you are in type Comic Books or Magazines, open Advanced Find, then change the type on the Advanced Find window the Fields drop-down box list does NOT change to match the type you changed to.

Sorry, I forgot Item Description is for all three types and should show up (as opposed to certain Type specific columns.

Just trying to determine if this is the problem or if it doesn't show up when you are in the correct type in CB.

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I'll check shortly, I'm rebuilding picture lists...


To be clear, I'm talking about the tool in the upper right corner of the Advanced Find window.


I could get to it by manually typing I.[ItemDescription], but that was after noticing that it wasn't in the tool (so I didn't have to worry about mistyping)

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I'm looking at Comic Books.  I choose "Find | Other..." from the find tools in the top center of the main window.  Advanced Find window, Comic Books.  Fields drop-down in the upper-right of the window, and there is no "Item Description" in the list of fields.  Also no "Item Description" in the "Find | Item Fields" options.

Switch to Books while in the Find Window.  No "Item Description" in "Find | Item Fields"

Switch to Magazines while in the Find Window.  No "Item Description" in "Find | Item Fields"


So, I don't see it anywhere.


v22.0.0.1471, Windows 11 Home, version 21H2 (22000.434), Experience Pack 1000.22000.434.0

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Upgraded to Build 1485.  

Still no Item Description in any of the four places I mentioned above.


Noticed an additional something; don't know if this was happening previously and I just didn't notice...


So, focused on Comic Books, I opened the Advanced Find and looked for Item Description in the Fields drop down in the upper right of the dialog.  Nope.  Switched to Books and looked, switched to Magazines and looked, switched back to Comic Books and looked again.  And when I looked through the Fields drop down in the upper right, there were now four full sets of field names.  

It appears that:

1) The system appears to be refilling the Fields drop-down box with all the fields appropriate for each Category, Comic Books, Books and Magazines, when switching between Categories in the dialog box without clearing the old fields.  By starting in Comic Books and then switching to Books then Magazines then back to Comic Books, the drop down got loaded with the fields appropriate for Comic Books, Books, Magazines and then Comic Books again.

2) Since this Fields drop-down is being adjusted to be appropriate for each category, I presume it is supposed to be accessible in all three categories.  For me, it is only visible when the Category of Comic Books is selected.  It doesn't matter if I switch categories while in the dialog, or if I switch categories in the main window before launching the Advanced Find dialog; the Fields drop-down is only visible for Comic Books, not Books or Magazines.

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I'm running CB 2022 4K archive v22.0.1.1629 and I do not see "Item description" as a searchable field when using Items>Find...is the "Item description" field searchable or am I not seeing something??

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I would contact support about this item.  It has been reported a few times (that I know of) but I am not sure of any specific fix.

You can try typing I.ItemDescription in the Where box to get it to return results until you can get a fix.

PS Way back when 2022 first came out, I had to create a new database then export/import my data into it to get Item Description in the list. Hopefully there is a better solution.

PPS In the mean time, maybe an Uninstall (of both CB and CB Resources) / Re-Install could help.

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